#AndNEW: Asuka Wins SmackDown Women’s Title as Path to “The Man” vs Rousey Clears

Photo: WWE

Last night’s SmackDown Women’s Championship TLC match involving Champion Becky Lynch versus both Charlotte Flair and Asuka ended in controversial fashion after Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey came down during the end of the match and pushed over the ladder that had both Rousey and Flair on it, sending them to the floor. In the chaos, Asuka took advantage and climbed a ladder to claim the title and become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion in the process.

While many will lament the notion of removing the SmackDown Women’s title from Becky Lynch, who is easily on the greatest run of any singular superstar of the past year or so as “The Man”. But considering the major hype surrounding the Lynch vs. Rousey match from Survivor Series – and the subsequent fallout of the match not happening – the path for Ronda vs. Becky on a far larger stage that Survivor Series has now been paved. With no title around Lynch’s waist, she can enter the 2019 Royal Rumble, where a victory would allow her to pick her WrestleMania opponent – and chances are, should “The Man” win the Royal Rumble (and really, why wouldn’t she?), she’ll be looking to change brands to the Red from the Blue, so she can finally get her hands on “Ronnie”.


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