Preview: FSW Against All Odds Rumble (12/14/18)

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Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) presents The Against All Odds Rumble, Friday December 14th at Sam’s Town Live. BELL TIME 7p.m. The winner of the Rumble Match gets a shot at the FSW Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event. As always, FSW brings a strong card with a total of FIVE title fights. Every championship is on the line in what’s sure to be a terrific night of wrestling. For tickets contact the Sam’s Town Live box office @ 1-800-745-3000 or online at

25 Man Against All Odds Rumble: Winner gets shot at FSW Heavyweight Championship

Photo: FSW

The Against All Odds Rumble begins with two wrestlers, and every minute after that a new competitor comes to the ring. You are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. Once all 25 wrestlers have entered the last one standing is declared the winner. In the 2017 edition, Suede Thompson was #1 and Eli Drake was #25, and they were the last two left when Drake pushed Suede off the ring apron for the victory. This year former WWE star D’Lo Brown has drawn the unenviable #1 and matches up with Beast for the first sixty seconds who drew #2. The winner of the Rumble will face red-hot Hammerstone in the main event for the Future Stars Crown. Other notable entries for 2018 are Shaggy McLovin #3, Sefa Fatu #4 (My Pick to Win), Shogun Jones #7, and Sinn Bodhi #10.

FSW Women’s Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Sandra Moone

Photo: FSW

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for Sandra Moone as she steps into the ring with one of the top women in the sport. Moone is the number one contender for the Women’s Championship, but this is an enormous step up in competition for the youngster. Valkyrie is a terrific athlete who is great at combining power with a crafty submission game. If Taya gets you in trouble she’ll go for the finish, so Moone has to maintain distance, move in and out, and not allow Taya to get into a rhythm and control the contest.

FSW Tag Team Championship: One Percent (Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs) (c) vs Whirlwind Gentlemen (Jack Manley & Remy Marcel)

Ok, so doesn’t everyone wish they had hair like Remy Marcel? Come on, at least a little?…Ok, I digress. The multi-time FSW Tag Teams Champions the Whirlwind Gentlemen are going to have to do more than wish if they want to take the straps from The One Percent. Jorel Nelson and Royce Isaacs reclaimed the championship December 1st from the Bag Boyz (Suede Thompson & Chris Bey) in dominant fashion, and are poised for a long run at the top. The Gentlemen are smart, have teamed for years, and know each other very well. One Percent struggled at times against the Bag Boyz when Thompson and Bey were able to maintain crisp tags, and utilizing their quickness. That is where the Gentlemen need the match to be if they want to win tag gold again.

No Limits Championship: Owen Travers (c) vs Damian Drake

Photo: FSW

Will the local kid get it done? Is this going to be Damian Drake’s night when the hometown boy becomes champion? A packed Sam’s Town Live crowd will certainly hope so. Drake wrestled Hammerstone for the FSW title in September, but that was after a gruelling four-way match which took a lot out of Damian. This time he comes into the title match prepared, and the knowledge he has beaten the champion before. In a brutal steel cage match no less where Travers ripped Drakes mask off. However, the No Limits Champion Owen Travers looks better than ever and is growing into the role. How will Travers deal with the speed of Drake? Travers had a tough time with Ice at the FSW Arena December 1st, so we’ll see early how the champ adjusts. Judging by the stare down we saw at High Octane both men are ready to end their year as champion. Don’t be surprised if this one steals the show.

Nevada State Championship: Graves (c) vs Lance Hoyt

Photo: FSW

If you need to know where Las Vegas stands on the wrestling map look no further than this bout. New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Lance Hoyt comes to town to take on Nevada State Champion Graves. Hoyt brings an impressive power arsenal into this match and the 41-year-old Texan has a distinct height advantage. Graves has experience competing against larger wrestlers and brings his own offensive toolbox into the title match. The champion is also strong, and explosive, and can nullify Hoyt’s size by keeping the match on the ground. Although, Graves loves a good scrap, so we’ll see how well he sticks to the game plan. Will Hoyt take the Nevada Title with him back to Japan?

FSW Heavyweight Championship: Hammerstone vs ???

Photo: Keith McKeehan / Desert Rat Images

The winner of the Rumble will face Hammerstone for the FSW Title. This is a tough spot for the champion. He has no idea who he will face, and there are several different styles of wrestler who will compete. My pick is Sefa Fatu. If he does win he could take the belt. He’s such a talented young wrestler and would not get caught up in the moment should he get there.


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