Hitting The Marks Podcast: XFL Cities, WWE in the UK, All Elite Wrestling & More!

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Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: “Making Lemonade!” XFL Host Cities Released. WWE Dominating the UK. EVOLVE vs. IMPACT Wrestling.  ROH Making Moves. All Elite Wrestling. Who is Truly to Blame for the Current State of WWE Programming?

Sorry for the delay but sometimes life throws a couple lemons your way. The best thing to is to perverse and push through. This week Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey server up a tasty pitcher of pro wrestling lemonade.

On the Run……

– In the spirit of the recently launched HTM Sports, live Tuesday at 4:30PM East at twitch.tv/hittingthemarks, the guys examine the recently announced host cities for the XFL relaunch.

– It seems as if the WWE is flexing its muscles when it comes to promotional partnerships in the UK. If the locals want to play it seems they may have to pay with their very lively hoods.

– Tensions are brewing between Evolve (WWN) and Impact Wrestling. Impact recently pulled the LAX from working two dates. Evolve (WWN) fired back by saying it will no longer do business with Impact contracted talents. Is the WWE behind the heat?

– With the Elite seemingly on their way out of Ring of Honor, the Sinclair owned promotions is looking to sure up talents for the future. Who is in, who is out and what will the future be all about?

– Speaking of those guys from the Elite. What is the deal with All Elite Wrestling. Are pro wrestling hottest entrepreneurs really going into business for themselves or is this all an elaborate work?

– WWE programming has been under fire from the fans for quite some time but now well respected former employees are starting to speak up. For many the answer is obvious but is the wrong McMahon(s) taking the blame?

– Plus what is hot this week in WWE? Spoiler Alert…….. It is Becky and Char Char.

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Jargo and Vickrey don’t pretend to be technical pro wrestling experts but derive their takes from the personalities and stories being told along with the production and promotion within the industry. Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast guarantees in-depth and unique viewpoints spanning a variety of topics from around the world of professional wrestling.

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