#AndNEW: Two Titles Change Hands in ATTACK! Wrestling

Photo: ATTACK!

ATTACK! Wrestling is the premier indie promotion in Wales, UK, started in 2011 by WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne and ring announcer Jim Lee, and run by Dunne alongside other UK stars like Mark Andrews and Chris Brookes. This past Saturday, ATTACK! held ATTACK! Memento Mori in Cardiff and we saw two big title changes happen throughout the night.

Eddie Dennis has been a top star in the UK scene for years, most notably as part of the tag team FSU with Mark Andrews. He recently made his NXT UK debut as well but continues to work with PROGRESS, IPW, HOPE, RevPro and other UK indies. A student of Scott D’Amore and the Can-Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Canada, Dennis is a 4x ATTACK! 24/7 Champion and on Saturday defeated Wild Boar for his second reign as ATTACK! Champion.

There’s been no tag team as hot in the UK indie scene in the past year – and arguably the world – as Aussie Open. The Australian duo of Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis headed to the UK last year from their home country and proceeded to dominate the UK tag team scene. They first struck gold in the UK in Wales, winning the ATTACK! Tag Team titles last July for 96 days, as well as won the HOPE Tag Team titles and Defiant Tag Team titles. They currently hold three major titles in the UK – winning their second Defiant tag titles this April, followed by the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships at Hello Wembley! in September, and then their second ATTACK! Tag Team titles this past Saturday.


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