Rey Fenix and Barbaro Cavernario Move to the Finals of La Leyenda de Plata

Photo: CMLL

Friday night featured the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) tournament La Leyenda de Plata. The tournament is in honor of wrestling icon El Santo and features some of CMLL‘s best talent. In the midst of all the action in the Cibernetico tournament, two wrestlers emerged as the winners and will face each other in the finals next Friday in Arena Mexico.

Barbaro Cavernario vs. Rey Fenix 

The Cibernetico tournament in La Leyenda de Plata’s first round was spectacular. It featured great wrestling and high octane offense. Barbaro Cavernario continued his amazing year in CMLL, eliminating last year’s Leyenda de Plata winner, Volador Jr. Cavernario made a statement, running wild on everybody and mixing it up with CMLL’s key talent. Cavernario was able to eliminate last year’s winner, promising star Soberarno Jr., and champion Dragon Rojo Jr. 

On the other side, Rey Fenix, the current AAA Mega Champion, delivered big as the other finalist. Although Fenix eliminated only one wrestler, Mephisto, he was the big crowd pleaser of the night. Fenix did his usual dives and vast array of springboard moves that got everyone going. Fenix was able to survive in the tournament against big-time names like Mistico and Volador Jr.

The finals are set and it means that we will be able to see one of the most awaited rematches in Mexican wrestling this year. Last time Barbaro Cavernario and Rey Fenix wrestle each other, they delivered one of the best matches of the year in Mexico. The mix of insane maneuvers by Fenix with Barbaro’s brute strength mesmerized many fans in Mexico. The Wrestling Observer gave the match four and a half stars. It was the proper debut of King Phoenix, who debuted days early in CMLL.

Now, we have ourselves the rematch and, things have changed a lot since their match back in June. Barbaro Cavernario headlined CMLL 85th Anniversary with Rush and won the Lucha de Apuestas main event. Moreover, he recently defeated one of CMLL’s main guys, Atlantis, and won the National Light Heavyweight Championship. Fenix has been active in many promotions, like IMPACT Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, AAA and The Crash Lucha Libre. He has in his hand the most important title in Mexico’s second-biggest company and is one of the most sought-after wrestlers in the world. When both young stars enter the stage at Arena Mexico, fireworks will likely blow up.


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