Turbo Speed: Who Is Josh Morrell?


As seen on this week’s WWE 205 Live from Manchester, Lio Rush was victorious over a local competitor by the name of Josh Morrell. As is often the case with these enhancement talents, there is often a lot to say about the names used. In this case, it’s the same scenario. Morrell was actually a man known as “Turbo” Josh Terry.

A native of Egremont in Cumbria, Josh was trained by current WWE coach Johnny Moss at his school in the area. The school, which opened its doors in 2014, trained Josh to become one of the fastest rising stars in the UK today, as shown when he became the first graduate of the academy to be featured on a show. At just 16 years of age, Terry made his debut as the first of 15 entrants in a Rumble Match. From the moment he wrestled his first match, Terry had been compared to a young Dynamite Kid, which is quite the accolade for such a young talent.

Since making his proper debut, young Josh has been lighting up crowds at promotions such as Discovery Wrestling and his home company Target Wrestling, where he is a former two-time holder of the High Octane Division Championship (with his second reign coming to an end at the end of June at the hands of another up and coming star, Joseph Biggs). As one of the main attractions at the Cumbrian-based promotion, it means Josh takes part in some of the biggest matches on the cards. 2018 has seen him squaring off with the likes of British wrestling legend Jody Fleisch, World of Sport’s Lionheart, and 2018 WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament winner Zack Gibson.

In this 205 Live bout with Lio Rush, Terry looked like he belonged on the full-time roster. Seeing as Johnny Moss has a hand backstage (it’s been reported that Josh was picked for this match as a result of Moss’ input), then we could expect to see more of Josh in a WWE ring very soon. Who knows, maybe he’ll even get an NXT UK contract coming his way…


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