Joe Hendry Wins Gold at British Wrestling Championships


Joe Hendry is proving that professional wrestlers can keep pace with the amateur wrestling world, winning his second gold medal in competitive wrestling in British competition in as many years. Last year, Hendry won the gold last year at the Championships in the Freestyle category and this year he claimed gold in the Greco Roman category. The British Senior Championships were held at The Manchester Y Club in Manchester, England on Sunday, October 27. He actually double medalled this year, getting Bronze in the Freestyle category.

Joe Hendry Wins Gold at British Wrestling Championships

Joe Hendry has emerged as one of Scotland’s most entertaining pro wrestlers of the past few years, earning his stripes with such UK promotions as Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), Defiant/WCPW Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling (PCW) and many more, as well as appearances for Ring of Honor during their UK tours. He’s also a semi-regular in Canada with Smash Wrestling and took part in this year’s reboot of World of Sports. He entered the mainstream of wrestling earlier this year when he made his debut with IMPACT Wrestling. Hendry is a former Defiant World Heavyweight Champion, and earlier this year he qualified for Scotland’s wrestling team for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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