Beast in the Middle East: Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Title Win

Brock Lesnar
Photo: WWE

On Friday, November 2nd, Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman in a match many would question as to its overall quality. What many may be divided about is whether or not Brock Lesnar winning the title actually achieves anything for not only the brand but the company as a whole. When a monster faces a beast little would or should be done to consider in making one look like the face that you will sympathize over. However, this was the case and after interference prior to the match by interim-General Manager Baron Corbin, Strowman was essentially ‘screwed’ out of his championship win.

Photo: WWE

Whether or not a Lesnar win was the intent despite Roman Reigns having to relinquish the championship or not, the fact remains that there may have a motive to the madness of a Brock Lesnar win. Here are some pros and cons to Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal championship win.

Brock Lesnar As WWE Universal Champion: The Pros

Cross-Promotional Opportunity with UFC

Photo: UFC

With UFC 230 virtually taking place as we speak, to have the current WWE Universal Champion appear at the event would lend itself to a tremendous marking opportunity for the company to capitalize on. As mentioned previously this week, with the WWE using the name of Serena Williams as someone they would want to bring in, this follows suit in doing the exact same for the company.

Builds Heat Around A Champion Many Are Tired of Seeing in This Role

Photo: WWE

Towards the end of his last reign, a number of fans voiced their displeasure with Lesnar and his lack of believed ‘commitment’. Whether that is or isn’t true, the suggestion that he isn’t committed was enough to raise the ire of those watching either in attendance or at home. A Strowman loss would certainly create another reason and opportunity for fans to want to be tired of Lesnar as champion.

May Make the Eventual Title Loss All That Sweeter

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For those that watched the event, they witnessed Lesnar taking advantage of an opportunity such as Corbin’s interference and in the process capture the WWE Universal championship. This was never needed for Brock and in fact, having him do so could make fans look all the more forward to him losing the title to potentially Braun Strowman in the process.

Brock Lesnar as WWE Universal Champion: The Cons

Difficult to Push a Championship Reign If There Is A Part-Time Champion

Photo: WWE

Fans could easily have called 2018 the year of Seth Rollins. His high caliber competition and means of defending his Intercontinental or tag team championships have shown his commitment. For all that Rollins has achieved throughout the year, he wasn’t the WWE Universal Champion. That distinction went to Brock Lesnar and for as much as fans would publicly voice their displeasure for Reigns, they wouldn’t hesitate to voice their frustration with Lesnar’s lack of title defenses.

The Threat of Another Longstanding Title Reign

Photo: WWE

After surpassing CM Punk‘s 434-day championship title reign, could this lead to another nearly two-year reign for the beast? While fans may not have any qualms about having hearing Paul Heyman and his outstanding promos hyping Lesnar, the fear that he may be booked to hold it once again by any means necessary certainly lingers in the backs of the minds of some fans.

While plans on booking can change at any moment the current WWE Universal title reign of Brock Lesnar leaves as many answers as it does create questions. Will this be a short-term reign? Is there a greater plan in play here and Lesnar is being used to transition the title? Whatever the plans may eventually be fans can be assured that a five-minute win for the most prestigious title on the brand left a sour taste in fans mouths that they would hope to have washed out sooner rather than later.


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