Kamilla Kaine Accompanies Nick Aldis for NWA World Title Rematch


In order to combat the potential interference of Brandi Rhodes in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship rematch with Cody Rhodes, Nick Aldis brought his own insurance policy with him to the ring, in the form of 5’10” Kamilla Kaine. An imposing figure in the ring, she towered over Brandi Rhodes and several times came into contact with Brandi Rhodes.

Kamilla Kaine to Accompany Nick Aldis for NWA World Title Rematch

Kamilla Kaine has been wrestling since early 2017, working with Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), Florida Underground Wrestling (FUW), American Combat Wrestling (ACW), Premiere Wrestling Xperience (PWX) and more, including a dark match with Shine Wrestling at SHINE 45. On the indies, she was in the stable Team PK alongside Keira Hogan and Priscilla Kelly.

It was somewhat surprising to see Kaine back in the squared circle though, as this past August she announced her retirement from the ring. But she’s still somewhat connected to wrestling, as she’s happily in a relationship with WWE Superstar Braun Strowman. It’s yet to be seen if this was simply a one off appearance or if Kaine plans to return to the wrestling world, even if just as the bodyguard for Nick Aldis.


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