Wrestling All Star Battle Announced in Japan, NJPW vs All Japan vs Pro Wrestling NOAH


It’s been announced that in February of 2019, we will see the next Wrestling All Star Battle in Japan, featuring the best of New Japan Pro Wresting facing the cream of All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH. The event will come on the 40th anniversary of the first Wrestling All Star Battle, which saw NJPW founder Antonio Inoki tag with All Japan founder Giant Baba (both students of Rikidozan) tag for the last time against Tiger Jeet Singh and Abdullah the Butcher on August 26, 1979.

NJPW vs All Japan vs Pro Wrestling NOAH Supercard Announced

Over the past few decades, NJPW, All Japan and NOAH have exchanged talent for tournaments, like Tag Leagues, G1 Climaxes, and other tournaments, but this marks the first unified card of the big three in Japan since All Together in February of 2012. While no further details have been announced, this union of the three top promotions in Japan usher in a new wave of a unified front as Japanese wrestling hits a new crescendo of appeal on the international scale. With such a platform, they should also consider adding some joshi competition, such as Stardom vs. Sendai Girls.


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