Preview: NAW Pure (10/20/18)

Photo: New Age Wrestling

New Age Wrestling based out of Albion, Victoria, Australia, presents Pure, their next show this Saturday. Pure is a semi-regular show they run, approximately every other month, in Glenroy, Victoria. Featuring a Three Stages of Hell match for the NAW Pure Championship and tag team title bout, this Pure is shaping up well. The deep Victorian scene demonstrates its depth once again with this upcoming NAW card.

Matt Wild vs. John Myers

Photo: New Age Wrestling

At the most recent Pure event two months ago, Myers attacked Wild out of nowhere. Wild, like a good babyface, challenged Myers immediately, and Myers, like a good heel, back away. Now, we are getting this match, as these two are coming in with some tension. The young Wild will try to have a speed advantage, while Myers will play the role of the bully. This will be a sold bout for their level of experience, and look for these two to continue to grow on the Victorian scene. Expect Wild to get his revenge here.
Prediction: Matt Wild

Zaccy Boi vs. Smacks

Photo: New Age Wrestling

Over the summer, when these two were teamed up and were challenging for the tag team championship, Smacks walked out on Zaccy during the match. Two months ago, Smacks cost Zaccy another, and finally, these two are meeting head to head to settle things. Look for these two to start brawling from the get go, and for things to spill out of the ring quickly. This will be a hot bout, but in the end, Zaccy Boi will get his vengeance and the win.
Prediction: Zaccy Boi

James Jackson vs. Mike Manson

Photo: New Age Wrestling

Jackson, after being on the winning side in an eight man tag against Manson’s side, is pitted against Manson here in a one on one situation. The loss didn’t sit well with Manson, hence this match up. Jackson, as usual, will be using his size in this situation. Look for Kane Morozov, who prompted Manson to have this match, and was also on the losing side of the eight man tag match, to make his presence known, and to interfere in this match. Expect Manson to win this one, to continue the feud with Jackson going forward.
Prediction: Mike Manson

Aria Shaw & Terry Shaw vs. Nova Nicholls & “Wildboy” Jake Wilder

Photo: New Age Wrestling

Nova Nicholls is making her debut here, teaming with the NAW South Pacific Champion, the Wildboy. Debuting a green worker in a tag match is always smart, and these three will be able to carry the load. The Shaws have been on a bit of a losing streak lately, but are looking to turn things around here. With Wilder winning back the South Pacific Championship at NAW’s last show and no challenger currently in place, look for Terry to pin the Wildboy in this one to set up a title match at their next event.
Prediction: Aria Shaw and Terry Shaw

Ritchie Taylor vs. Aiden Miller

Photo: New Age Wrestling

Miller is coming off a bout in fellow Victorian promotion Adrenaline Pro Wrestling, while Taylor spent last weekend in New South Wales for Suplex Pro. These two rising stars in the state are set to clash in NAW in what is a rematch of the last Pure event, where the match ended in a double countout. Taylor and Miller continued to brawl after the bell, and thus this bout was set up. Taylor’s been getting some buzz ever since his debut in Melbourne City Wrestling against JK Moody in September, so NAW will want to strike while the irons hot. This will be competitive, with both men looking good, but Taylor will come out on top in the end.
Prediction: Ritchie Taylor

NAW Tag Team Championship Match: Raw Beef (R.Xs.P & 2Krayzee) (c) vs. Jett Rouka & Tyson Baxter

Photo: New Age Wrestling

Raw Beef—if you couldn’t tell by the name—will have the size advantage in this one, going up against the smaller Rouka and Baxter. They were jumped at the last NAW show but the tag team PAIN, with the story being that Raw Beef won’t be fully healed going into this title defense. Look for Rouka and Tyson to try to steal this one with their quick offense, and also expect PAIN to make an appearance, to further develop that feud. In the end, Raw Beef will retain, and set up a match with PAIN down the line.
Prediction: Raw Beef

Three Stages of Hell Match for the NAW Pure Championship: “Rampage” Marcus Blaike (c) vs. “Krusher” Jason Cole

Photo: New Age Wrestling

This is a rematch of Pure’s First Anniversary Show in June, where Rampage stole the title from Krusher, with a little assistance from the Soldier of the Highway. This is a high intensity feud, so look for a lot of brawling here, and even some blood. A Three Stages of Hell match, is a two out of three falls match, where each fall has a different stipulation: the first stage will be a regular singles match, the second a submission match, and the third a hardcore match. Don’t be surprised when the Soldiers show up again here, but this time Krusher will overcome the odds. Expect a title change here, and Cole to win back his crown.
Prediction: “Krusher” Jason Cole


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