Title Changes, Returns And A Shocking Finale To Bound For Glory (SPOILERS)

Bound For Glory (SPOILERS)
Photo: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling held Bound For Glory tonight in New York City and it featured some great wrestling, particularly the opening contest between Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Ethan Page & Matt Sydal and the 6-man tag between OvE (Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Tessa Blanchard retained her Knockouts title in an excellent hard hitting affair with Taya Valkyrie. But there were some huge moments on the show that left a lot of people ecstatic and for some a little confused.

Bound For Glory (SPOILERS)


When Eli Drake made his open challenge for New York City a special match that was only open to New Yorkers, dream lists were assembled of who it could be. One such rumored opponent was Chris Jericho. He’d been teasing showing up in IMPACT for weeks leading up and while he’s famously Canadian, he was actually born in New York. But the man who answered Eli Drake’s Open Challenge was…Maryland’s James Ellsworth?


While Drake finished Ellsworth off in quick time, Eli Drake continued to say the challenge was still open. Ellsworth wasn’t from New York so he wanted “the best, Hall of Fame worthy” not “garbage”. And then out came…2018 IMPACT Hall of Fame inductee Abyss. While the match itself wasn’t bad, the choice seemed underwhelming despite all the possible options. But it was reported on Twitter that a last minute issue prevented the original choice from being available and the decision was made last minute to replace them with Abyss.


Allie entered the Undead Realm of Su Yung, which turned into a vignette more akin to Lucha Underground than Final Deletion, as an axe-wielding Allie hacked Undead Bride after Undead Bride to save Keira Hogan from her crypt in Su Yung’s world. She even managed to seemingly slay the Queen herself, driving her axe into Su Yung’s neck.

As Allie was bringing Keira back to the portal back to the regular universe, the Undead Brides all reanimated and swarmed in, along with a resurrected Su Yung, only for Rosemary to return and fend off the Undead Brides allowing Allie and Keira to escape.

Allie and Keira made it back, but it appears that some of the darkness has returned with Allie…


Considering the two involved in the match for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship, Champion Austin Aries and challenger Johnny Impact, the match itself wasn’t nearly as high flying as one might expect. But they brought a real brawl to the big fight, and they were anything but light with each other. In the end, Johnny Impact won with a Starship Pain to become the new IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion. But what came after was bizarre.

Immediately after taking the Starship Pain, Austin Aries sat up and immediately began to yell and curse at someone on the second level of the venue, allegedly IMPACT VP and commentator Don Callis. Aries then immediately headed up the ramp, throwing “the bird” to Callis and the crowd as he walked away. The internet was immediately a-buzz over whether the incident was a “work” or a “shoot”.




Or maybe it’s all just as simple as this…



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