Bray Wyatt’s Twitter Re-Activates And Posts Cryptic Doctor Reports

Photo: WWE

Bray Wyatt has been suspiciously quiet since he and Matt Hardy lost their Raw Tag Team titles and then failed to regain them on an August 13 edition of Raw against the B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel). While he would continue to work a few more WWE Live Events alongside Hardy in the Deleters of Worlds, that August episode of Raw was the last time we saw Bray Wyatt on WWE television. His last match in a WWE ring was on September 15, the same night that Matt Hardy announced his seeming retirement from WWE action and since then, Bray Wyatt’s Social Media has gone quiet. Following his last appearance on television, Bray posted this a few weeks later.

Bray Wyatt’s Twitter Re-Activates

If you look at only the capital letters, his rant spells out “KILL THEM ALL”.

Tonight, Bray Wyatt’s Twitter crackled back to life with a serious of mysterious tweets that read like fragments from a doctor’s report, specifically a psychotherapist trying to “cure” someone of an affliction. The notes are random and out of order, but paint a picture of a tortured soul trying to fight rehabilitation.

With Bray Wyatt rumored to be returning soon, with someone of a slight tweak, hopefully he returns as more the maniacal supernatural cult leader that lead him to the WWE Championship, rather than the subdued follower than emerged from the Lake of Reincarnation earlier this year.


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