Preview: Suplex Pro Chapter 3: The Rumble (10/13/18)

Photo: Suplex Pro

Suplex Professional Wrestling based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, is newer on the Australian wrestling scene but growing, and is ready to crown their first ever Suplex Junior Heavyweight Champion. Twenty competitors will participate to earn this brand new title. Additionally, there will be a Heavyweight Championship defense, and a Four Way match to decide the new Number One Contender for that title. Let’s take a look at what this young promotion has in store:

Suplex Pro Chapter 3

Shane Saw & Nate Carlo vs. The Dangerous Ones (Jackson Spade & Dean Draven)

Photo: Suplex Pro

Saw his debuting for one of Suplex’s Chapter shows, and is doing so by teaming with the young Carlo. The Dangerous Ones are teaming together in the company for the first time, and are primed to be the top team in Suplex. At Chapter 2, they held a tournament to crown the first Suplex Heavyweight Champion, and Draven won his first round match, but came up short in the finals. Spade lost in his first round match, due to some shenanigans from The Brawler, who attacked him afterwards. I expect the Dangerous ones to get the win, but the Brawler won’t be too far, and I think he’ll make another appearance here, setting up a blow off between him and Spade.
Prediction: The Dangerous Ones

Jayden Jacobs vs. Ritchie Taylor

Photo: Suplex Pro

Taylor, from Victoria, is making his Suplex debut at Chapter 3. Taylor earlier in the year made an appearance for one of Australia’s biggest promotions, Melbourne City Wrestling, where he fell short to New Zealand’s JK Moody. Jayden Jacobs has been on every Chapter show so far, and is the perfect pairing for Taylor. If Taylor is to become a regular for Suplex—which he should—he will be presented strongly, will get the win here, to help position him towards the top of the card going forward. Taylor’s name is starting to get out there more on the Australian scene, so he should be someone that Suplex starts building around somewhat. Jacobs can afford a loss, and won’t be hurt going forward.
Prediction: Ritchie Taylor

Fatal Four Way Match to become the Number One Contender for the Suplex Heavyweight Championship: Lee Morrow vs. Jack Pain vs. Roswell vs. Bobby Bishop

Photo: Suplex Pro

Roswell and Bobby Bishop both fell short in the first round of Chapter 2’s Heavyweight Championship tournament, and will be looking for a second opportunity here. Morrow and Pain are making their Suplex Chapter debuts. Four way matches are always fun, and this one should be no different. Look for creative spots, including ways to incorporate multiple men in one move. The key here will be Roswell, a big man that would be a formidable challenger, and would be easy to push a main event on. He would make the most sense to be in line for a Heavyweight title opportunity, and there’s no time like the present, so expect him to walk out of this one with the win, after some impressive power moves.
Prediction: Roswell

Scotty Haim (c) vs. Rip Reilly for the Suplex Heavyweight Championship

Photo: Suplex Pro

Haim is heading into his first title defense after winning the Heavyweight Championship Tournament at Chapter 2, beating Jaxon Cross and Dean Draven in a triple threat finals match, and Jackson Spade in the first round on the way there. Mr. Queensland Wrestling Rip Reilly is another hoss that will certainly provide a huge challenge for Haim. Reilly and Haim will have a good match, and Reilly is the perfect opponent in this situation, as this is his Suplex debut, and is coming in as a monster. A loss here won’t hurt him, especially if this is more of a one off situation for him, and even if he becomes a regular, he can easily regain his steam in the coming the coming chapters. In the end, Haim will retain, as the title first defense ever should not be a title change.
Prediction: Scotty Haim

20-Person Junior Heavyweight Rumble for the Suplex Junior Heavyweight Championship

Photo: Suplex Pro

So far, half of the participants have been named for this match, including Bee Boy, which wins wrestler name of the year in my book, but Suplex has also promised big surprises for this one, so making a prediction with any kind of certainty is a fool’s errand. That said, expect a solid outing from everyone involved, and a well planned finish, as they would want the very first champion to stat off right. In accordance with the above mention Ritchie Taylor, I think building this division around him would be the right call. He’s probably the person on this card with the most buzz, and unless there’s a bigger name in the Rumble being kept as a secret, Taylor would be the right way to go.
Prediction: Ritchie Taylor


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