Preview: RCW Riot City Rumble (10/13/18)

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

Riot City Wrestling, based out of Adelaide, South Australia, are all set for their next big show, the Riot City Rumble. Coming off one of their biggest shows in history, RCW 200, which ended with a title change in the main event, a four team TLC match for the RCW Tag Team Championships. Now, the focus shifts to the RCW Championship picture. Adam Brooks was originally scheduled to challenge Chris Basso for the RCW Championship, but Basso was injured at the last minute. Now he’s challenging Gavin McGavin for his EPW Championship instead. RCW has brought in several big names from outside South Australia, so let’s run down what they have coming up:

Blair Alexis vs. Miss Fortune

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

Alexis made her return to Riot City at RCW 200, in the fatal five way match for the RCW Women’s Championship. She fell short of he title, and Indi Hartwell retained, but Alexis is ready to work her way back to the top. As usual, she’ll use her size here to try and gain the advantage. Miss Fortune also returned at RCW 200, and like wise fell short. This match will start to build towards a new number one contender for the women’s title, so a win here for will propel the victor forward in that conversation. Look for Alexis to snag the win, as she chases the women’s belt again.
Prediction: Blair Alexis

The Rude Ones (Bulldog McKenzie & Marvel) vs. Gods & Monsters (Grimm & Brodie Marshall)

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

Both of these teams are coming off of a huge match at RCW 200, where they were involved in a four team TLC match for the tag belts. Both teams fell short, as the Parea won, but apparently there was still some bad blood between these four. Grimm and Marshall are huge—as their team name suggests—and their strength is obviously their advantage. The Rude Ones are one of the most established tag teams in South Australia, and their creativity and connection with the audience can’t be understated. With how new a team Grimm and Marshall is, it’s important they get a big win here.
Prediction: Gods & Monsters

Cadie Tre vs. Matty Wahlberg

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

Wahlberg, from New South Wales, and a regular for Pro Wrestling Australia in Sydney and Newy Pro in Newcastle, makes his RCW debut here. He’s the current Middleweight Champion in Newy Pro, and plays the frat boy heel well. He’s a cocky coward that carries around a red Solo cup. But he’s also tremendously athletic, and will pair nicely with Tre. Tre is coming off a loss at RCW 200, but a win earlier this summer at Superclash. The crowd should be behind him, as both the babyface and the regular in the promotion, and unless Wahlberg will be coming back regularly for RCW.
Prediction: Cadie Tre

Tyler Daniels vs. Rocky Menero

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

Daniels wasn’t a part of RCW 200, but had a major victory in June, in a four way street fight. Daniels is a hoss, and proved in that match he’s as tough as they come. But muscle-man Menero is no slouch. He dropped the match to Adam Brooks at RCW 200, but is a veteran, and is underrated in his technical game. This match is the sleeper to steal the show. Both guys can really bring it, and the intensity alone could be enough for it to earn match of the night.
Prediction: Rockey Menero

RCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Parea (Eli Theseus & Gabriel Aeors) (c) vs. The Millennials (James Kray & Dean Brady)

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

The high flying Parea won the tag titles in a crazy TLC match last month at RCW 200, which the defending Millennials lost. Now, they get their rematch. The Millennials are classic cheaters, and no doubt their third member, Tom Byrne, will interfere at some point. The Parea are young, easily likeable, and just won the belts a month ago. It feels like the right time for a change in guard, so I do not think that the Millennials will win the titles right back, and I think the Parea will carry the tag division for at least the rest of the fall, and into the winter. That said, this will be a great match, as the athleticism of the Parea will mix well with the power of Brady, and will produce some creative spots.
Prediction: The Parea

Gavin McGavin (c) vs. Adam Brooks for the EPW Championship

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

McGavin, who was originally scheduled to wrestle Davey Green, but due to Basso’s injury, the card was switched, and is now defending his title. This is a bummer for Adam Brooks. It looked like it was his time to win the RCW title, but EPW has their own storylines, and with this match booked as close to showtime, McGavin will retain. The match itself will be very good. McGavin is THE best technical wrestler in the country, and Brooks is great at high flying offense, so these two styles will blend beautifully for a fun match.
Prediction: Gavin McGavin

Riot City Rumble Match

Photo: Riot City Wrestling

This twenty-five person rumble has the same rules and stipulations as the Royal Rumble in the WWE: competitors come our periodically, and you are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope, with both feet hitting the floor. The winner, gets a RCW Championship shot down the line. Matches like this are notoriously difficult to predict. There will be the normal rumble tropes: iron man, quick elimination, monster spots, etc. But when it comes down to picking a winner, its tough to narrow down. That being said, I think we’ll see a heel win, to challenge the babyface Brooks for the title. After moving on from the tag title scene, we’ll see the powerhouse Dean Brady win the Rumble, and challenge Brooks for the belt, in a match that will be can’t miss.
Prediction: Dean Brady



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