BREAKING: Rey Mysterio Officially Back in WWE

Photo: WWE

The speculation is over. After many months of rumors, reports and teases, Rey Mysterio is back in WWE. Not just for Smackdown 1000 or any other special appearances. WWE finally put to rest all doubts by releasing an official statement on Mysterio’s status.

Rumors began to swirl all the way back in January of 2018 with him as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. He made a couple more appearances after that, fueling the speculative fire. Arguably it reached fever pitch in the summer, when Rey was announced as a special character in WWE 2K19.

Now he is set to take part in not only the festivities of SmackDown 1000, but the show itself as well. It was also announced that Rey would be facing Shinsuke Nakamura in a WWE World Cup qualifying match. This dream match will go down at SmackDown 1000 on October 16th. With Rey Mysterio returning to the brand he helped put on the map, what mysteries will he have in store this time around? We’ll just have to tune in on Tuesdays to SmackDown Live to see!

From WWE’s release:

Rey Mysterio is back with WWE on a full-time basis, meaning the WWE Universe will have the opportunity to see The Master of The 619 live and in person in the very near future.

The masked marvel’s return begins on SmackDown 1000 next Tuesday when he faces Shinsuke Nakamura in a WWE World Cup Qualifying Match. In addition, WWE fans in the following cities will get to see Mysterio in action on the below dates:

Hartford, Conn. – Oct. 20
Boston, Mass. – Oct. 21
White Plains, N.Y. – Oct. 22
Cardiff, Wales – Nov. 3
Aberdeen, Scotland – Nov. 4
Birmingham, England – Nov. 5


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