Preview: Defiant Fight or Flight (10/11/18)

Photo: Defiant

Just under two months before they return to YouTube with their weekly Loaded series, Defiant Wrestling return to the Plug in Sheffield on Thursday evening as they present Fight or Flight. The past few shows have been stellar for Defiant, putting on matches such as WALTER vs Will Ospreay and holding the inaugural Ringmaster Tournament. The only way is up for the stars of Defiant right now, and with a card featuring some of the top names in British wrestling today, it would be hard to argue against that fact.

Alpha Bad (Iestyn Rees & Kip Sabian) vs The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter)

Photo: Defiant

Alpha Bad, the World of Sport team of Iestyn Rees and Kip Sabian, made their Defiant debuts in impressive fashion at Stacked, as they defeated Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins to earn a Tag Team Championships match next month. Their second challenge in the company comes in the form of two men who have been used scarcely in Defiant but continue to be classed as one of British wrestling’s premier teams, The Hunter Brothers. Jim and Lee have been on a bit of a roll this year, capturing the ATTACK! Tag Team Championships while also winning the promotion’s Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational. When talking about experience, it doesn’t really get any higher than being blood-related. It would be a massive blow to Alpha Bad if they were to lose before their title match, but you do have to also consider the size advantage they have with Iestyn. A tough one to call.

Prediction – Alpha Bad

Little Miss Roxxy vs Lana Austin

Photo: Defiant

With Bea Priestley unable to appear due to contractual obligations elsewhere, her opponent Lana Austin will now square off with Little Miss Roxxy. Austin returned from her suspension at Stacked, attacking Priestley following her victory over Zoe Lucas. Similarly, that’s also how she ended up being suspended in the first place, assaulting Bea after she had defeated Chardonnay at the end of May. With the champion not there for his show however, you could likely class this as a number one contenders match. That would be a huge step up for Little Miss Roxxy, who is still fighting her way towards gaining a full-time spot on the Defiant roster. She’s got a bitterĀ Lana Austin on her hands here though, something which won’t bide well for her.

Prediction – Lana Austin

Omari vs ‘Bad Bones’ John Klinger

Photo: Defiant

With a few weeks to go before he receives his guaranteed World Championship Match at Refuse to Lose, John Klinger finds himself across the ring from Omari. Klinger hadn’t been seen since last year’s RTL, unsuccessfully challenging for the Hardcore Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match. His return was bound to happen at some point, seeing as he’s one of the key players in European wrestling thanks to his tremendous work in Germany. He came back in July with even more vicious intentions than before, defeating Martin Kirby and BT Gunn en-route to the Ringmaster Tournament finals, besting David Starr, Nathan Cruz, and El Phantasmo to cement his championship opportunity in Newcastle. Speaking of that tournament, that’s where Defiant fans first met Omari, who has picked up wins over Kurtis Chapman and Klinger’s RISE associate Lucky Kid since. Some payback is perhaps on the way courtesy of The Lost Rebel.

Prediction – ‘Bad Bones’ John Klinger

Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins vs The Anti-Fun Police (No Fun Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.)

Photo: Defiant

Another tag team match will Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins go against the returning No Fun Dunne, who has brought back up in the form of Los Federales Santos Jr, his partner in The Anti-Fun Police. Havoc and Haskins have had quite the year as a team, winning both the Defiant and PROGRESS Tag Team Championships. In singles competition, Haskins defeated NXT’s Matt Riddle in his final independent appearance while Havoc recently went to war with Paul Robinson, and is also the reigning Defiant Hardcore Champion. Two men known for their extreme measures to win matches are going against two men who are only there to ensure no fun is had. That’s quite a contrast in styles. Dunne was last seen pinning Jack Sexsmith at Road to Destruction, but has been tearing it up elsewhere while he’s been gone. He recently won the Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championships over the weekend alongside the newest AFP recruit, Millie McKenzie (or Sgt. SPLX as she’s been called). Havoc better watch out, or else that Hardcore Championship may be getting confiscated back to the police station!

Prediction – The Anti-Fun Police

No Disqualifications, No Count Outs Match: Joe Hendry vs Martin Kirby

Photo: Defiant

One of the most storied rivalries in Defiant history writes another chapter in Sheffield as Joe Hendry and Martin Kirby once again go one on one, this time with no disqualifications or count outs. The two dominated the main storylines of Defiant in early 2017, where it was known as WCPW, before things died down between them as the year came to an end. But when Hendry, who was on commentary for the evening, berated Kirby following his elimination from the Ringmaster Tournament in the opening round, things once again escalated between them. A match at August’s Stacked show saw Kirby disqualified for shoving referee Steve Lynskey, although the leader of the Kirb Krawlers insists Hendry did the same thing earlier on. There’s no rules this time around which could come in handy for Joe. He always seems to have a trick or two up his sleeve.

Prediction – Joe Hendry

Defiant Internet Championship #1 Contenders Match: Will Ospreay vs El Phantasmo

Photo: Defiant

Whoever wins the Internet Championship will then go on to defend the gold at Refuse to Lose on November 7th against either Will Ospreay or El Phantasmo. Ospreay failed in his championship challenge against WALTER, which he earned after defeating Joe Hendry at Built to Destroy in June. Seeing how much he put his body on the line though, general manager Primate offered The Aerial Assassin the chance to earn a second title match, and placed him against Defiant newcomer El Phantasmo in Sheffield, a match that is sure to wow the crowd. Phantasmo was brought in as a last-minute replacement for Matt Riddle in the Ringmaster Tournament, and is perhaps one of the best signings Defiant have ever made. He’s left the crowd speechless in his matches thus far, a trait that certainly won’t be stopping here.

Prediction – El Phantasmo

Defiant Internet Championship Match: WALTER (c) vs Chris Ridgeway

Photo: Defiant

After both men’s victories at Stacked, the Internet Championship match was made official between defending champion WALTER and challenger Chris Ridgeway. The big Austrian powerhouse fended off Will Ospreay to keep his grasp of the title in an exhilarating contest, while Ridgeway returned to the company in a big way by besting CCK’s Chris Brookes in a number one contenders match. Der Ringgeneral’s match with Ospreay saw two completely different styles come together, while this one sees both men bring almost the exact same style of wrestling to the table. A strikes and submissions heavy match for sure.

Prediction – WALTER

Defiant World Championship Match: Rampage (c) vs Gabriel Kidd

Photo: Defiant

After a lengthy layoff due to injury, Defiant World Champion Rampage returns to action to defend the championship against an angry Gabriel Kidd. The title match between the pair had been scheduled for two other shows prior to this, but news broke of an injury to the champ and so we’ve been forced to wait. Defiant general manager decided against stripping Rampage of the title however, seeing as he’d been scratching and clawing his way up the ladder for two years to reach the top. That, as well as the match delay, has left Kidd saying one thing – Defiant screwed Gabe. The number one contender may look to exploit the injury and make for an easy win. Wait, is it even possible to get an easy win over someone like Rampage?

Prediction – Rampage


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