#AndNEW: Title Changes Hands Down Under at Super Show-Down

Photo: WWE

Buddy Murphy, the hometown hero, has won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at WWE Super Show-Down, from the man who had been champion since WrestleMania in April, and who hasn’t lost a singles match in almost a year, Cedric Alexander.

Title Changes Hands Down Under at Super Show-Down

In a good match that saw some great high spots, Murphy won the belt with his finisher Murphy’s Law, to get the three count. Additionally, Murphy was the first one to kick out of Alexander’s finisher, Lumbar Check, in over six months. The crowd was unsurprisingly behind Murphy the entire match, and he got a great reception for his win. Murphy has been one of the highlighted acts on 205 Live since he joined the brand, and has been consistently putting on some its best matches. This drastically changes the complexion of 205 Live, and having a heel on top will certain change some of the booking. Alexander will no doubt get a rematch soon. Whether it’s at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, at Survivor Series, or a weekly episode of 205 Live will be interesting to see, but surely their rematch will be just as good as this one.

Alexander has been kept very strong all year, and even if he doesn’t regain the belt soon will still be one of the top guys on the brand. The match was good, but not blow away good, and this brand, who’s main goal right now is to gain viewers to their weekly show, needed a blow away match on this stage to gain some buzz for it’s show. Seeing where this upcoming episode ranks in the most watched for the week will tell us a lot. Regardless of what they do with the booking, Murphy is super talented, and will carry the belt very well.


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