Recap: World Of Sport Season Finale

World Of Sport Season Finale
Photo: WOS

A look back at the season so far kicks the final episode off.

Stu Bennett makes the announcement that AlphaBad (Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees) will take on Grado and British Bulldog Jr. to kick off the show.

World Of Sport Season Finale

Tag Team Championship Match- AlphaBad (c) vs Grado & British Bulldog Jr.

The heels attempt to get the jump but Grado and Bulldog fight them off.  Bulldog gains the upper hand on Sabian and tags in Grado for a tag move.  Rees distracts poor Grado who falls for the bait as Sabian hits a springboard enziguiri.  The heels take control as Grado works as the face in peril, quick tags from Sabian and Grado.  Grado tries to fire up as he and Sabian trade shots until Sabian forced him into the heel corner as Rees comes in.  Rees tries to grind Grado down with a chinlock as the crowd is firmly behind Grado who makes the hot tag to Bulldog Junior.  Bulldog proves to be the difference maker as he comes in like a house and fire and single-handedly takes care of Sabian and Rees.  Rees makes a blind tag and manages to sneak up on Bulldog but Bulldog reverses an attempted half crab into a leglock.  Rees and Bulldog tag out and Grado, now fresh again, has the straps down as he runs through his signature offence on Sabian.  Rees in to stop the pin but eats a bionic elbow, the distraction allows Sabian to hit a superkick, Powerbomb/neck breaker combo.  BUT GRADO IS OUT AT 2.  Grado becomes the first man to kick out of that this season.  Sabian tries to take out Bulldog but is hit with a powerslam as Rees is still shocked in ring.  A CUTTER FROM NOWHERE, GRADO WINS

Winners: Grado and British Bulldog Jr

That result will go down well with WOS fans as Grado is a real fan favourite and big star.  Bulldog worked well as the powerful hot tag for his buddy Grado.  Would’ve loved some involvement in the title scene from Stevie Boy and BT Gunn but Sabian and Rees were a good choice for champions with Sabian especially being great.

A video package highlights Sysum’s road to his title shot as the show’s big arc comes to a head in the season finale of World Of Sport.

World Of Sport Championship- Rampage (c) vs Justin Sysum

The referee has been instructed that there needs to be a winner.  Attempted cheating from the off but Sysum is wise to it and gets the early momentum as he uses his agility to attack Rampage. An attempted crossbody sees him plucked out of the air and spinebustered into the mat.  Firmly establishing the powerhouse vs Agility aspect to the matchup.  Rampage attempts a banned piledriver but Sysum sends him outside.  CJ Banks and Sha Samuels try to argue with Sysum and distract him but the referee has had ENOUGH! as they are sent to the back.  After this Rampage takes control and cits off any attempted Sysum comebacks to take them to a commercial break.

Coincidentally when it comes back Sysum fires up and hits a back elbow from the corner to turn the tide,he hits some clotheslines and a suplex for a 2 count.  An attempted spinning lariat, Sysum’s occasional finisher, is evaded as Rampage takes control again.  A superplex from the top rope gets him a 2 count.  The fight spilled outside, but not for long as Sysum fights Rampage off and sets up a 450 splash.  CJ Banks runs out as the interference begins, Sysum suprises us and hits the spinning lariat but the referee is pulled from the ring before he counts the three.  Sysum takes it upon himself to remove Banks so hits a tope but turning your back on Rampage is a bad idea as he hits a Samoan Drop.  This leads us to the ref bump as we run through every family wrestling main event trope.  Sysum gets one visible count before Samuels interferes, why is no one helping? where’s Joe Hendry or even Grado, Rampage and co screwed them over too right?  anyways, Samuels is dealt with as Sysum evens the odds.  Rampage is back and hits an implant DDT for the delayed 2 count.  Rampage is angry and throws that referee away, another runs out and stops Rampage from using the title to hit Sysum.  Rampage runs into a turnbuckle that Samuels exposed as Sysum hits the discus lariat and follows up with the 450 to win.

Winner: Justin Sysum

We’ve spent the season building to this and for WOS fans it paid off big time.  The crowd eat it up and popped for the finish and fans have raved about this one on twitter.  For the match rate fans this won’t tick many of the boxes.  But Sysum is a good choice as “the guy” for WOS as he felt like someone WOS could “claim” as their creation.

Overall, WOS righted the ship in the last two episodes and delivered but the build up to it lost so much steam.  Tonight was for their fans and the feelgood moments are what they should set to create more of should we get a season 2, which might not be likely with WOS losing 900 thousand viewers over the season.



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