BREAKING: Joey Janela Faces Long Road To Recovery From Massive Knee Injury

Joey Janela

This past weekend saw two of the indies top stars, Joey Janela and Jordynne Grace, go down with injuries. At NOVA Pro on Friday, Jordynne Grace damaged her ankle, but it appears she could be ready to go this weekend. Sadly, the knee injury that Janela sustained on Friday at GCW Live Fast, Die Young was significantly worse, as Janela himself announced the results from his MRI on his Twitter today.

On what caused the injury, it stemmed from a moonsault he performed on Psicosis from the top turnbuckle to the ground, “a move I’ve hit over a hundred times without issue, this time was a little different,” he explained in his video. “It’s not Nicho (Psicosis)’s fault, I just came down wrong, bad, on my left leg. Badly contorted my left knee, it bent into a position that a human’s leg should never bend in. But, I got the MRI results back today and it’s something…it’s a long list of things.”

Long list of things indeed. Here’s a run down of the injuries Janela listed off from his MRI report on the damaged knee:

  • “Completely tore and destroyed my PCL” (Posterior Cruciate Ligament, in the back of the knee)
  • “Completely tore and destroyed my MCL” (Medial Collateral Ligament)
  • Impaction fracture in one of the bones of his knee
  • Mild bold contusion in another bone in his knee
  • Sprain of the fibular lateral ligament
  • Multiple ligament tears
  • ACL Sprain (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
  • Small knee infusion

A lot of damage to the knee, with the two torn and “destroyed” ligaments – the PCL and MCL – the worst of the damage. The MCL has an average of six weeks of recovery time post surgery (which Janela claims will be happening), but both surgeries will have to spaced out. The PCL is significantly worse, with a recovery time of anywhere of 6-9 months before the person of injury can usually return to light duty (non-contact sport).

All said and done, it’s quite possible that Joey Janela could be out of action for upwards of a year, with surgery and rehabilitation. So if you’re a fan of wrestling’s “Bad Boy”, now would be a good time to pick up some merch to help support one of the indie wrestling’s true visionaries and treasures, as US healthcare isn’t going to be cheap.

The staff of Last Word on Pro Wrestling wishes Joey Janela the very best wishes in a speedy recovery and we can’t wait to see you back in the ring soon!


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