World Of Sport Episode 9 Recap

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The penultimate episode of World Of Sport has what is likely the last women’s match and a complicated main event to find a number one contender.

World Of Sport Episode 9

Kay Lee Ray vs Viper

The two biggest names in the division set out to have a David vs goliath style match.  They were aiming for an epic but really didn’t have the time necessary to produce the match that we all know these two can have.  Viper uses her power to keep Ray from gaining momentum leaving Ray to get in any quick hits she can.  KLR hits the Gory Bomb for the win to retain her title.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

They really went out there and tried their best and Kay Lee Ray might be the seasons MVP, but the storytelling here would’ve been way better had Ray not beaten Viper twice already this season.

Stu Bennett stands up to explain the rules of tonight’s main event.  The Buzzer Battle starts with two men in the ring.  Whenever Stu feels like it he will press the buzzer.  Two more competitors enter at the buzzer and this becomes a tag team match.  This continues until everyone has entered.  The tag match is contested under elimination rules, much like Survivor Series.  And when it comes down to the final eight, the match becomes a battle royal.

Buzzer Battle

Robbie X vs Kip Sabian 

As usual with X this had good action.

Robbie X & Stevie Boy vs Kip Sabian & BT Gunn

Boy and Gunn were the best tag team in the series and they are disappointed to be on opposite teams.  They take over from the other two and have a respectful grappling exchange

Robbie X, Stevie Boy & Liam Slater vs Kip Sabian, BT Gunn & Iestyn Rees

The tag team champions work over Stevie Boy much to his partners dismay.  Rees and Sabian hit their Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo finisher and try to force Gunn to make the pin, but her refuses and Sabian eliminates Stevie Boy.  Sabian and Rees throw Gunn to the wolves and take him out too, leaving him to be eliminated by Liam Slater

Robbie X, Liam Slater & Grado vs Kip Sabian, Iestyn Rees & Sha Samuels

Grado and Samuels tag in and Grado starts off like a house on fire, but Rees and Sabian take his partners off the apron leaving him alone as the heels work him over.  SoCalVal has seen enough and presses Bennet’s buzzer

Robbie X, Liam Slater, Grado & British Bulldog Jr. vs Kip Sabian, Iestyn Rees, Sha Samuels & CJ Banks

Bulldog sprints out to help Grado out and he and Sabian end up tagging in.  The tag champions brawl to the outside with Bulldog and Grado ending with Bulldog throwing Sabian into Grado and Rees and the referee DQ’s all 4.

Robbie X, Liam Slater & Adam Maxtead vs Sha Samuels, CJ Banks & Nathan Cruz

Apparently, Cruz attacked whoever was meant to enter so he took their place.  Nice to see WOS replicate WWE. Cruz works over Slater until Maxtead gets the hot tag and goes after Cruz, Maxtead focuses too much in Cruz and leaves himself open to a sneak attack from Samuels

Robbie X, Liam Slater, Adam Maxtead & Justin Sysum vs Sha Samuels, CJ Banks, Nathan Cruz & Crater

Sysum and Crater have a quick faceoff.  Not much happens other than Maxted getting beatn down in the heel corner before we have the last 2 entrants.

Robbie X, Liam Slater, Adam Maxtead, Justin Sysum & Moose vs Sha Samuels, CJ Banks, Nathan Cruz, Crater & Gabriel Kidd

Moose gets the big focus as he gets his own entrance and takes out the heel team.  Robbie X gets tagged in, finally, but everything is chaotic with bodies fighting all over the place.  Slater hits a dive onto everyone that’s on the outside.  Gabriel Kidd follows up with a top rope dive.  Robbie X goes for a dive but Cruz interrupts and hits a slingshot Codebreaker to elimate Robbie X

Crater is tagged in and destroys Slater as we get the last elimination.

 Battle Royal: Sha Samuels vs CJ Banks vs Adam Maxtead vs Nathan Cruz vs Justin Sysum vs Crater vs Gabriel Kidd vs Moose

Cruz and Maxted continue to focus on one another while Crater just surveys the field.  Gabriel Kidd is eliminated by Sha Samuels and becomes the first to go.  Samuels and Banks team up with crater to take out Sysum but Moose prevents the elimination as Sysum rolls out of the ring.  Moose is now left alone to take on Banks, Samuels and Crater after Maxted eliminates Nathan Cruz who then slides back in and eliminates Adam Maxted.  Moose absolutely goes to town on Samuels and Banks eliminating them both.  This leaves Crater and Moose in the ring to have some nice big lad action until Moose gets overzealous and Eliminates himself after Crate evaded him.  Crater thinks he’s won but Justin Sysum isn’t eliminated.  They go back and forth building to the big spot of Sysum BODYSLAMMING CRATER.  Crater is resting against the ropes in a prone position allowing Sysum to eliminate Crater.

Winner: Justin Sysum

This was probably the best WOS match of the season and had the storytelling that was expected for the whole series.  While complaints can be made of Sysum being invisible compared to Moose and Crater being weakened after losing twice already but at this stage we’re all in it to see Sysum dethrone Rampage.

Overall a good episode, the women’s match was short and sweet from the divisions top names and the Buzzer battle was lots of fun with constant action.


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