#AndNEW: New ICW World Heavyweight Champion Crowned (SPOILER)

Photo: ICW

At last night’s Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) Bravehearto event, a new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned as “Just Justice” Jackie Polo defeated DCT via TKO. This comes after Polo seemingly realigned with his former Polo Promotions ally at the last show, only to assault him with the Polo mallet and force Coach Trip – the long-time manager of DCT – to turn on his now-former comrade.

The victory marks Polo’s first reign with the World Championship, having held the Tag Team Championships alongside Mark Coffey on four separate occasions. If he is able to capture the Zero-G Championship later on, he will become just the third man to be recognised as an ICW Triple Crown Champion. The only other two competitors to have achieved the feat are BT Gunn and Stevie Boy.

With this victory, Polo continues a terrific form in ICW as of late. Since introducing the new Just Justice character at Barramania 4 in April, the former King of Chat has become one of the most talked about performers in all of Scottish wrestling. It’s something that perhaps sounded a bit silly on paper, but something that has really gotten over with a vast majority of the ICW fans.

With Fear & Loathing XI coming up on December 2nd and Jackie’s fiercest rival Lionheart demanding a World Heavyweight Championship shot at the show, it looks as if we’re on the road to Polo/Lionheart IV!


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