Chris Ridgeway Wins International Super 8

Photo: Robyn Goding / Beyond Gorilla

International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom (IPW:UK) celebrated their 14th anniversary on the 22nd of September with a stacked night of wrestling.  On that night, they ran two shows, the first being the International Super 8’s tournament.  Previous winners of this include Luke Phoenix, Sammy Smooth, Rampage Brown and Zack Sabre Jr.  IPW’s 14-year history has seen some of the UK’s best come through their door and Ridgeway has all the tools to be another one.  While Smooth and Phoenix may never reach the level of the other two winners, it is huge for any wrestler to join the ranks of World of Sport champion Rampage and New Japan star Zack Sabre Jr.

On the night Chris Ridgeway wrestled three matches in the one night first defeating Mike Bird before progressing to face future British wrestling legend Jimmy Havoc and defeating him in the semi final.  In the final, he faced now heel Z-Force champion Jack Sexsmith.  With help from Sexsmith’s former partner Rob Sharpe, Ridgeway won the International Super 8 and etched his name alongside ZSJ and Rampage.

Ridgeway has had a minor breakout in 2018 as he was a finalist in PROGRESS’ Natural Progression Series, he captured the SWA Championship, the FSW Tag Team Championships and the WLGP Championship as well as having a standout match for Frontline against NOAH star Kenoh.  His upcoming match with Timothy Thatcher also has potential to create added buzz for the shooter who could close out 2018 with the IPW Championship.


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