Jordynne Grace and Joey Janela Injured on Friday Night


A couple of scary moments on Friday moment as two of the indie scenes top stars – Joey Janela and Jordynne Grace – went down with injuries on two separate events. Last night at Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) Live Fast, Die YoungJoey Janela injured his knee jumping from the top turnbuckle to Psicosis on the floor below, landing awkwardly and twisting his knee.

Jordynne Grace and Joey Janela Injured

In Virginia at NOVA Pro Wrestling‘s Project 4, Jordynne Grace injured her ankle during the main event, facing “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams for the Independent Championship. According to Jordynne’s Twitter account, the injury occurred when “when I jumped from the second rope to the mat during an implant DDT to the top turnbuckle.”

With Grace out of action, her title defence for tonight’s Darkest Timeline Tournament in Black Label Pro has been cancelled, but the tournament will still go on.

We wish both speedy recoveries and if you can help out with either, check out the respective merch pages for both Jordynne Grace and Joey Janela and help them get back on their feet!



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