BREAKING: Court Bauer Seemingly Puts End to WWE Rumors as Pentagon and Fenix Are with MLW for “Foreseeable Future”

Pentagon and Fenix
Credit: MLW

In a Twitter Q and A this afternoon, Court Bauer, head of Major League Wrestling, answered fans’ questions about what they would like to see going forward and what would make the company better. One fan said seeing more of Pentagon, Rey Fenix and Salina would be an improvement, to which Bauer responded:

That should put an end to those, “Pentagon and Fenix to WWE rumors” that had been floating around and began to really pick up steam over the last week or so. Interestingly enough, those rumors were fueled by Bauer and MLW itself when a cryptic tweet was sent out from the promotion’s Twitter account.

At the time, many believed the tweet was an indication that Pentagon and Rey Fenix, fresh off their showcases at All In, were WWE, and more specifically, NXT-bound. However, now it seems the tweet was somewhat tongue-in-cheek as according to Bauer, the MLW tag team champions will be with the company through the end of 2019, “at the very least.”

For fans hoping to see the Lucha Brothers lighting it up in WWE anytime soon, they’ll have to wait. For fans on the other end of the spectrum, hoping to see more of Pentagon and Fenix on the indies and in companies like IMPACT Wrestling, Bauer’s comments are encouraging. Both Fenix and Pentagon work IMPACT Wrestling on a per-taping basis, but the pair are signed to Lucha Underground with three more years remaining on their contracts. According to Dave Meltzer, there is an out on those deals that will activate when episodes for season four, the current season, stop airing at the end of this year.

Whether the newly-resurrected Fenix and his brother, the Lucha Underground Champion, return to the temple for a potential fifth season remains to be seen. What is known however is that after both brothers began clearing their schedule of dates a few months ago, which initially spurred the WWE rumors, that both are once again taking bookings into 2019.

Having won their first tag titles in 2013 in Mexico, Pentagon and Fenix expanded their horizons when they left AAA Lucha Libre in 2016-17. Wanting to work more in the U.S., the brothers have become indy sensations over the past year and are regarded as one of the top tag teams in the world. They have become a fixture at several top companies including IMPACT, PCW ULTRA, AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, The Crash and more.

Known as the Lucha Brothers, Pentagon and Fenix are currently tag champs in MLW and WAR and former champs in PWG. Additionally, Fenix currently holds two singles titles, the PDM Light Heavyweight Championship and AAA World Heavyweight Championship. Pentagon holds two singles titles as well, the Lucha Underground Championship and PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship.

In fact, it was at a recent PCW show where Pentagon addressed the WWE rumors himself, saying, according to SEScoops, “Respect that I am the PCW Champion and no one is going to take that from me…Thank you very much! And before I forget. I am not going anywhere. Penta will be in PCW for many, more years.”


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