Recap: World Of Sport Episode 8 (9/15/18)

Photo: WOS

Alex Richards recaps the past week’s episode of World of Sport, covering all the action and offering analysis on the events.

World Of Sport Episode 8

Viper vs Ayesha

Test of strength to start off which Viper gets the better of.  We get the hoss style shoulder blocks as neither woman flinches.  Ayesha gains control as she ducks a shot and sends Viper into the corner and hits an avalanche.  In return Viper just rams Ayesha’s head into the turnbuckle a few times.  Viper in control now locks in a cobra clutch before hitting a nice combo ending in a senton for 2.  Viper goes for a rainmaker but Ayesha no sells and goes for a powerbomb.  They run the ropes and collide as both women are down.  Clotheslines from Ayesha before she forces Viper into the corner with strikes,  Avalanche and Fisherman Suplex for 2.  They continue to fight for dominance as Viper hits a cannonball and attempts a Vader bomb allowing Ayesha to go for the Powerbomb, Viper gets out and hits a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner: Viper

Backstage Viper promises to win the title next week.

Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley vs Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray

The men start us off.  Stevie Boy hits Ospreay with a shoulder block.  Ospreay hits a huracanrana and Stevie replies with a headscissors, They stand-off and shake hands.  The women tag in, Ray whips Priestley into the corner and follows up with a charging forearm and a second rope missile dropkick.  Ray goes for her Gory Bomb finisher, but Priestley escapes and locks in a sleeper. Priestley dodges a clothesline and hits a German.

Women go back and forth until the men tag in and Ospreay gets Stevie down, Ospreay hits a top rope 619, but Stevie ducks the follow up and hits the Falcons Arrow for 2. The men exchange strikes, Stevie seems to get the advantage but Priestley comes in with forearm on Stevie Boy. Ray comes in and they trade.

Eventually, Ospreay and Priestley gain the advantage and hit stereo Cheeky Nando’s,  Ospreay climbs to the top but is caught with an enziguri from Stevie  Stevie tries a huricanrana but Ospreay lands on his feet.  Both hit high kicks and the ladies come in and hit German suplexes followed by suicide dives. Ray and Priestley aren’t legal so go to the outside to fight instead. Ospreay comes back in with a springboard forearm om Stevie as ray comes in with a reverse Rana.  Stevie follows up with a Canadian Destroyer for 2. Priestley has Ray in the ropes with an armbar. Ospreay takes advantage and hits a standing Spanish Fly followed by the Storm Breaker for the win.

Winners: Bea Priestley & Will Ospreay

British Bulldog Jr. vs Iestyn Rees

Another battle between two bigger competitors.

Rees pie-faces Bulldog at the start so Bulldog responds with an armdrag. They compare biceps which leads us to a test of strength. Some nice back and forth and powehouse action to start us off.  Rees sends Junior shoulder first into the ringpost and starts to work over the shoulder.  Bulldog tries to get the hope spot but Rees keeps him locked in an armbar.  Rees goes to reapply the submission but Bulldog rolls through and latches in a cross arm breaker.  Rees again keeps going back to the armbar to prevent Bulldog building up momentum.  Rees goes up top but that may cost him as Bulldog hits him with a big suplex for 2.  Both men start to trade big moves looking for the win including Rees nailing Bulldog with various Powerbombs.  Bulldog manages to get Rees up and hits the running Powerslam for the 3 count.

Winner: British Bulldog Junior

Mask vs Mask: Robbie X vs Crater

The aim of this one is to rip your opponents mask off.  Agility vs Size here as the big Crater tries to wear down X.  X escapes a bearhug and sends Crater to the corner, Crater turns the tide with a poor dropkick.  Robbie gets a jawbreaker and turns the tide with kicks that send Crater outside.  He hits a sweet Second rope moonsault that takes Crater down, X goes back in for another dive but Crater stops him before he takes flight.  Crater goes for a splash and misses, X takes this opportunity to hit the X-Express and rip Craters mask off.

Winner: Robbie X

Overall this was probably the best WOS show yet, minimal confusing storytelling and good to great in ring work.  The only problem comes from the main event, WOS had a chance to really make something with Crater but back to back losses in two weeks have sunk that ship.


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