The Reality of Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix Signing With WWE


By now (if your not living under a rock), you might have heard that indie wrestling’s favorite brothers, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix will sign with WWE or already have reached an agreement. The news have been sensationally reported in every wrestling website, with people confabulating how the Lucha Brothers will debut with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Although there’s a number of reports, there’s some realities that need to be address with this kind of move by WWE.

You Won’t See Them Until 2019

This is obvious to many hardcore fans, but other casual fans don’t know the commitments and contracts that have Penta and Fenix tied up. One obvious one is the Lucha Underground contracts. Those contracts are easier to get out now that in the past, for example, the Ricochet situation, but even Ricochet had to wait until his final season finished airing before he could seriously entertain offers. Pentagon Jr. was the champion when the season started and after it, he will have to wait at least until the current season ends before appearing in WWE. If you put that in the current timeline, we could see the Lucha Brothers this spring.

Anther example is the commitments of both wrestlers in the indie wrestling scene. For starters, Rey Fenix is the AAA Mega Champion, the most important title there. For him to move to WWE, AAA Worldwide would have never put the title if they knew that he was signing soon. Moreover, Pentagon Jr. is the main champion in companies like LU, PCW ULTRA, Wrestling Superstars (which runs in Latin America), WAR in Ecuador and Major League Wrestling (MLW) as Tag Team Champion. The Lucha Brothers need to lose a lot of titles before signing with WWE this year.

There Will Be A Lot Of Tease 

The biggest alarm that made the internet report on the sure signing of the Lucha Brothers with WWE was Pentagon Jr. admitting under an article by the press in Mexico (that Pentagon himself retweeted thanking the fans) that he was sure to sign with WWE. Moreover, MLW turned the alarm up when they added in tweet the following:

Although shots have been fired, we have to be patient, because it will be like this for the following months. This weekend saw Daga turning heel on Pentagon Jr. on the The Crash Lucha Libre show and unmasked him. This could follow a big main event at the end of the year for Mexico’s number three promotion. An other paradox was Pentagon Jr. retaining his PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship, with him taking the microphone and yelling that he wasn’t going anywhere. Be on your guard for more moments like this in the following months.

A Hard Reality 

It’s hard for the duo’s fans to see the two most exciting Lucha talents sign with WWE. It seems as if WWE doesn’t need more indie guys, especially Mexicans, with them trying to develop talents like Andrade “Cien” Almas, Humberto Carrillo, Gran Metallik, soon Garza Jr. and many other Latin American talents. But, the reality is that Triple H has been trying to sign the Lucha Brothers since 2017.

Not matter how many times Pentagon Jr. denies it, WWE has been in talks with them. In fact, Dave Meltzer already has stated that the brothers are reductant to accept dates in 2019, and a WWE NXT signing is in their sights. The Lucha Brother have the looks, charismas and the exposure that WWE loves. Them not going for them would be insane. The hard reality is that both Penta & Fenix will sign with WWE and what the company does with them will be uncertain.


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