#AndNEW: Team AlphaBad win WOS Tag Team Championships

Team AlphaBad
Credit: WOS

The long-running tag team tournament on World Of Sport came to a climax on Saturday.  The final featured the Bromance of Adam Maxted and Nathan Cruz facing AlphaBad (Kip Sabian and Iestyn Rees).  Allahabad were favourites going in as the cocky, rule-breaking duo were on the same page.  The same cannot be said of the Bromance. Cruz was happy to cheat and be ruthless, something which has gained him success throughout his career. Maxted did not agree and wanted the team to play by the rules and let their talent shine.  At the end of an epic final which saw Bromance become the defacto babyfaces, AlphaBad put their opponents away and became the first holders of the WOS Tag Team Championships.

Team AlphaBad win WOS Tag Team Championships

Sabian and Rees have been standouts of the season. Often having great matches and having a good dynamic for a team, with Sabian as the agile mouthpiece and Rees as the muscle.  WOS has proved to be a heel driven show and with AlphaBad on top the Tag Team Championships can continue to be a highlight of the show.


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