Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 75: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends (8/27/18)


After a newsworthy US tour and with three competitors left alive in the Three and In series, PROGRESS Chapter 75 is here to set the stage for Wembley with the Tag Team Series coming to an end and a challenger emerging.  PROGRESS Chapter 75 is the last stop on the road before the biggest independent wrestling show in Europe in decades, this will be must see!

Match 1: Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs Mills and Mayhew (Connor Mills & Maverick Mayhew)


Grizzled Young Vets emerged from the US tour without their tag titles, as Bandido and Flamita now hold the titles that GYV have held for most of the year.  An angry pairing of WWE UK stars is bad news for the young upstarts Mills and Mayhew who have only one win in the series so far.  Mills and Mayhew are the future of the scene but neither man may have much of a future after dealing with a pissed off GYV.

Match 2: Chris Brookes & Timothy Thatcher vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)


Poor Chris Brookes has had the worst luck this year with tag team partners.  With Kid Lykos he was back at the top of the tag mountain after winning the titles in America, but Lykos once again got injured.  Brookes persevered and reformed the OG CCK with Jonathan Gresham, who also went down with an injury, A.R Fox stepped in as they lost the titles to Bandido and Flamita.  Safe to say Brookes had a rollercoaster of emotions once again.  His latest recruit is as left field as it gets, with Ringkampf’s Timothy Thatcher stepping in to tag with Brookes for the tag team series.  Brookes and Thatcher won’t have time to gel as they face Aussie Open who over the last two months have stepped up big delivering classic matches and joining Schandenfreude, the top stable in Fight Club: PRO, and turning heel and making their claim for the titles in Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling.  Four awesome tag wrestlers, one match, this will be great.

Match 3: House of Couture (Jinny, Chakara, Charlie Morgan & Nina Samuels) vs Team Toni (Toni Storm, Millie McKenzie, Laura Di Matteo & Candyfloss)


As we head for PROGRESS Wembley, we still have no indication of what Jinny will be up to.  This clash of the Women’s division should see a challenger for Jinny emerge and maybe lay down a challenge.  This match is the first time we have seen Storm get some backup and take on the House of Couture in a fair fight.  Jinny and co. have used the numbers game to their advantage at every opportunity but now, the women’s division fights back.

Match 4: Doug Williams & WALTER vs British Strong Style (Pete Dunne & Trent Seven)


It wouldn’t be a go-home show without a TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA.  Seven and Williams square off ahead of their anticipated ATLAS championship match at Wembley, which may prove to be Williams’ last.  The eye grabbers in this one are WALTER and Dunne.  Dunne finds himself on course for a collision with Unbeziegbar Ilja Dragunov.  A man that WALTER knows all too well, as they have put on many classic matches in Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) in Germany.   If Dunne can beat WALTER, he knows he can beat Dragunov and prove he is the best wrestler in Europe.  Beating WALTER is easier said than done.  The Austrian juggernaut has been on a tear in 2018, capturing gold everywhere he goes and leaving a trail of broken bodies and discoloured chests in his path.

Match 5: Mark Haskins vs Tyler Bate


Winner takes all as Haskins and Bate choose to face each other for a place in the World title match at Wembley.  These two have been at odds before, when Haskins joined Jimmy Havoc to fend off the nefarious British Strong Style.  And again when Havoc and Haskins joined the tag team division.  Haskins needs to go through Bate to try and win back the title he never lost.  Bate need to overcome Haskins to earn his shot to finally win the PROGRESS World Championship.  Two of the UKs best square off for all the marbles as the PROGRESS Wembley main event starts to take shape

Match 6: No Disqualification, 2/3 Falls Match: Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay


If you need anything to sell you on this match, which you shouldn’t, it would be Havoc’s promo (see below).  The feud that built both man’s legacy, the feud that built this company and the feud that could finally reawaken the monster Jimmy F’n Havoc.  Ever since losing his title and missing a year of action, James has been a shadow of his former self.  He understands why PROGRESS don’t book him though, he hasn’t got three letters attached to his name, he isn’t Australian or German, he’s just a battered and broken former champion.  At Havoc’s lowest point, Ospreay has been there to call him out wondering where Jimmy Havoc, the man that took an axe to Ospreay’s neck, has gone.  James knows what Ospreay knows, for Jimmy Havoc to come back Ospreay must be put down once and for all.  Will we see the old Jimmy come back? Or is Ospreay right? The biggest feud in PROGRESS history comes down to this as the two men that built the company got to war, One. Last. Time!



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