CMLL Accuses AAA and LA Park for Aniversario 85 Main Event Fallout


The backlash that Mexico’s number one promotion, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) has received shows no sign of stopping. Yesterday, CMLL officially announced the lineup for their biggest show of the year, Aniversario 85. Fans were disappointed when the company announced that the main event wasn’t going to be Rush vs. LA Park in a hair vs. hair match. Instead, CMLL presented Ring of Honor star Matt Taven & Volador Jr. vs. Rush & Barbaro Cavernario in a hair vs. hair match.

Photo: CMLL

The news resulted in a lot of fans calling out CMLL for their incompetence and even Rush, in the press conference, refused to sign the main event contract. LA Park took twitter to ask Rush to wait for him after this Friday’s TripleMania XXVI show were he’s putting his hair on the line against Hijo del Fantasma, Psycho Clown and Pentagon Jr. In a press release and through CMLL Informa, the company accused AAA and LA Park for the fallout of the Aniversario 85 main event.

Now, in CMLL Informa, Julio César Rivera told fans that Park vs. Rush didn’t happened because Adolfo Tapia was tied up legally to AAA. César explained further that AAA had sent letters to all of their television distributors if the LA Park/Rush match was ever announced. They also explained that they had all the intentions to have the match, but at the last minute had to change to the tag team lucha de apuestas match.

The news had a confusing tones to fans, because before that announcement, in the Aniversario 85 press conference, CMLL was giving the information as if fans in Mexico really wanted the Taven/Volador vs. Cavernario/Rush match. Later, they changed the narrative and accused LA Park and AAA.

Adolfo Tapia – La Original Parka – took twitter to denied the statements made by CMLL: “This is a lie and I can prove it. CMLL washed their hands with me. The lie is always going to fall, that’s a vile lie, I have all my papers and I can prove that AAA has nothing to mess with my character. That evil CMLL is still lying.”

At this moment, there’s wasn’t a single report of AAA sabotaging CMLL’s 85th Anniversary. Although the company has a bad reputation of retaining trademarks from former talents, the heat between Tapia and AAA had calmed down. Some reports have stated that CMLL was afraid of LA Park’s unpredictable behavior and that it could put in danger their main event of their biggest show.


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