BREAKING: Alberto el Patron Announces That He Will Not Be At TripleMania XXVI

Photo: WWE

Former AAA Mega Champion and multiple-times World Champion, Alberto el Patron in a Press Release confirmed today that he will not take part of AAA’s biggest show of the year, TripleMania XXVI. Speculation of Alberto’s participation started to appeared today, in the morning, when the newspapers in Mexico didn’t advertised el Patron’s match for TripleMania in the official poster, which, it was supposed to have a mystery opponent.

El Patron in a letter to the media explained his absence from Mexico’s top show:

“To all the fans and the media in Dear Mexico: 

I want to inform everybody that I won’t be participating in this year’s TripleMania XXVI, even though I promoted my appearance months in advance.

The motives are very clear, an agreement wasn’t reached with Dorian Roldan, director of AAA. This, and because the payment for my appearance hasn’t been done and terms of the agreement were never reached. 

Is with great grief that I inform you that in the following weeks I’ll be informing everybody of my future projects with you, the fans, who want to pay to see me and follow me every step of the way.”

This is not the first time that negotiations between Alberto el Patron and AAA Worldwide fall through. In 2015, in Alberto’s last appearance with AAA, negotiations and bad organization by both sides made Alberto leave AAA and later return to WWE and in the process, leaving with the AAA Mega Championship.

Last year, Alberto was supposedly thought to appear in TripleMania XXV, but it never happened. The son of Dos Caras has been wrestling for MDA in Monterey and for The Crash. He was thought to be part of the original MAD group in MDA, but he never followed to AAA.

Alberto said that in 2019 he was going to retire. His TripleMania appearance against a mystery opponent had a lot of eyeballs on the show, probably being one of the last shows of el Patron. The rumored opponent for Alberto el Patron in TripleMania XXVI was Eli Drake.


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