RevPro Announces First Ever TV Tapings, Kevin Kelly To Announce

Photo: RevPro

With World of Sport and soon to be NXT UK hitting the airwaves in the United Kingdom, as the UK “BritWrestle” scene is exploding exponentially, Revolution Pro UK (RevPro) has announced that they will be holding their first every international TV tapings on September 5th and 6th at the famous York Hall in London, England. York Hall, opened in 1929, is an historic boxing venue in the UK that has also housed many pro wrestling events over it’s near 90 year history, including Ring of Honor, TNA/Impact Wrestling, past RevPro events and various other UK promotions.

Kevin Kelly to Announce at First-Ever Rev Pro TV Tapings

With RevPro firmly entrenched in the IWGP Conception with NJPW and Ring of Honor, it’s no surprise that RevPro will be getting a little boost from their partners. UK star Zack Sabre Jr., a long time RevPro star in his own right, is joining the first set of tapings, as are NJPW’s Roppongi 3K (Rocky Romero, SHO & YOH). The rest of the roster has not been announced.

As for the announce team, head announcing duties will be handled by former ROH lead announcer and now the voice of NJPW on New Japan World, Kevin Kelly. Kelly will be joined on colour by long time UK star Andy Boy Simmonz, whose worked with RevPro, IPW:UK, and many other promotions since his 2001 debut with Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA). No details have been announced on the home of the upcoming RevPro television show, but it will be interesting to see where it lands. ITV is already home to World of Sport, and NXT UK still hasn’t found a UK home as of yet.


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