#AndNEW: Flamito and Bandido Win PROGRESS Tag Team Titles

Progress Tag Team Titles
Photo: https://twitter.com/ZipSquad_JihaD

They’ve been a tag team on the rise for the past year internationally, and now Mexico’s Flamita and Bandido have made a statement at PROGRESS Wrestling‘s Chicago stop, defeating CCK for the PROGRESS Tag Team titles.

Flamito and Bandido Win PROGRESS Tag Team Titles

CCK has endured some setbacks this PROGRESS tour, with original member Kid Lykos getting injured first, then his replacement Jonathan Gresham also going down. The third replacement, AR Fox, did admirably today as Chris Brookes’ partner in Chicago, but the tandem of Flamita and Bandido pulled off the win tonight, heading into Detroit on Sunday to face former 2x PROGRESS Tag Team Champions, Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson).


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