Match Point: Sabu vs. PCO vs. Matthew Justice (8/25/18)

Photo: AIW

Match Point is an on-going series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. Today’s edition focuses on an absolutely insane triple threat happening at Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW)‘s next event, Wrestle Rager 3, on Saturday August 25 in Cleveland, Ohio, that will see former 2x ECW World Heavyweight Champion, “The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac” Sabu face off against “Not Human” PCO and indie veteran Matthew Justice in what is sure to amount to several buckets of blood and an orchestra of human suffering.

Photo: WWE

On Saturday August 25 in Cleveland, Ohio, AIW presents Wrestle Rager 3, their next big event, and it’s feature attraction is none other than 2x ECW World Heavyweight Champion Sabu. One of the 90s undisputed pioneers of American hardcore, Sabu has been a spectacle like very few personas of the past three decades. His combination of high flying reckless abandon – for himself and his opponent – with a penchant for bloody violence was as much masochistic as it was sadistic. We all knew he would never fit in with the WWE or it’s ECW re-branding, yet we applauded his arrival none the less. We applauded more his return to the indies, where Sabu could be Sabu, competing around the world with the likes of Dragon Gate USA, All American Wrestling (AAW), Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), IPW:UK, Big Time Wrestling (New York), and multiple other promotions across the US, Japan, Mexico and UK.

Photo: Chris Grasso / GCW

On Saturday August 25, Sabu steps into the ring with two other men, one of which has emerged as a new pariah of pain, who is as comfortable receiving the bloody destruction as he is receiving it, in former 3x WWE World Tag Team Champion PCO, the Frankenstein of American hardcore, and one of the greatest comeback stories in professional wrestling. Bringing his trusted manager (Handler? Mad scientist creator?) Destro at his side, PCO continues a year of some of pro wrestling’s most insane matches, against the likes of WALTER, Nick Gage, Brian Cage, Homicide, Eddie Kingston, Dan Maff, Chris Dickinson, Teddy Hart and Joey Janela. The amount of punishment both PCO and Sabu can both inflict and endure, is mind numbing as it is – to unleash their near invincibility and desire to destroy on each other is the thing that nightmares are made of.

The third man in this foray is Ohio’s own Matthew Justice. Born just under an hour away in Middlefield, Ohio, Justice was trained by Ohio indie legend JT Lightning and starting off in Lightning’s Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling (CAPW) in 2006. He began working with AIW in 2007, but in 2010 headed out to other promotions, working with Pittsburgh’s International Wrestling Cartel (IWC), New York City’s New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC), as well as working as enhancement for the WWE. Last year, he made his triumphant return to AIW and has been on a thirst for conquest, going into battle with the likes of Nick Gage, The MJF, Ethan Page, Joey Janela, Tim Donst, and more. But he’s in a world of hurt entering into a three way against such unrelenting monsters like Sabu and PCO.

Regardless, this is a match for the ages, pitting two old war dogs who have tasted more blood than Dracula against a young mastiff looking to establish his own yard. If you’re in the Cleveland area, make sure you check this war out.

Photo: AIW



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