How White Wolf Wrestling is Changing the Game in Spain

Photo: Triple W

In Spain, the wrestling scene is one of the most obscure ones in Europe, but White Wolf Wrestling (Triple W) is changing that. A wrestling school in Madrid, Triple W is getting a lot of coverage in the media and in Europe in general.

The company that started in the late 2000s with free shows to showcase their trainees is outgrowing other wrestling promotions in Spain, to become one of the most prominent in Europe. Back in 2017, the promotion caught the attention of many wrestling fans when NXT Superstar Ricochet went against Spanish sensation A-Kid. Later, Triple W featured former British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. 

Their shows became notorious for their influx of fans from every corner of Spain. Although they were free, White Wolf Wrestling did business with merchandise and autographs to support the booking of wrestlers of such high caliber.

For many fans in Europe, the promotion went relatively unknown until CHIKARA‘s 2017 King of Trios tournament announced a House of White Wolf trio, featuring Triple W stars A-Kid, Adam Chase and Zayas. They would lose in the first round against WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent SevenBritish Strong Style – but White Wolf’s names was now on more people’s lips than before.

The New Stars from Spain

Two of the most prominent star from Triple W are A-Kid and Adam Chase. The latter, agile, great highflyer, was highlighted for his participation in PROGRESS Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Fight Club Pro and more notably, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, where he was Tag Team Champion with A-Kid.

A-Kid on the other hand, is also representing his country – he is the Triple W Abosulte Champion – and wrestling in London, Germany (wXw) and even Ireland for Over the Top Wrestling and Celtic Championship Wrestling.While both wrestlers are relatively young, their ceiling seems to be high. The known team of White Wolf Wrestling is becoming a regular in the United Kingdom Wrestling scene.

Where Can I Watch WWW?

The Spaniards are now in Powerslam TV, a streaming service where can you see companies like OTT Wrestling, Rev Pro and of course Triple W. You can download Powerslam TV for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Google Play.



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