The Search for Rosemary: Courtney Rush Is Alive And Well


The saga of Rosemary continued in a strange way, after the demonic possession Rosemary announced yesterday that the meat suit had been fixed and was preparing (training) to return to the ring. But the story took a twist, when the new episode of Welcome To The Multiverse aired today when Allie received a strange note after encountering a Rosemary while at RISE Wrestling. That demon claimed not be the Rosemary that Allie knew from Impact Wrestling, but that she should seek out the “original meat suit”. This lead to Allie receiving a letter with an address and when she followed in, she came face to face with the woman who had previously been possessed by Rosemary, former Canadian indie star Courtney Rush.

The Search for Rosemary: Courtney Rush Is Alive And Well

Oddly enough, Courtney Rush’s Twitter page, which strangely activated back in April shortly after Rosemary was buried on Impact television, came back to life, with Rush tweeting the following.

It was approximately three years ago that during a feud against The Kimber Bombs (the heel tag team featuring Kimber Lee and Allie’s former persona Cherry Bomb) that Courtney Rush was initially possessed by the demon Rosemary, stemming from a storyline in Smash Wrestling in Canada. The reawakened Courtney Rush began questioning things today, shortly after the new video aired today showing her encounter with Allie, seemingly in reference to Allie’s appearance at her apartment.

As word got out that Courtney Rush was awakened, fans and peers started asking her questions, that Rush’s “memory loss” from the past three years couldn’t answer.

When asked to talk it out with Allie, Courtney wasn’t so excited. After all, it was the savage treatment of Rush by Cherry Bomb that resulted in her breakdown that let Rosemary in.

Even RISE Wrestling, where “another” multiverse version of Rosemary leads Paradise Lost, the stable with Dust and Raven’s Ash, contacted Courtney.

No ideas where this is going, but it definitely appears Rosemary’s alter ego has returned and is just as clueless as we are. But it definitely adds some intrigue to the character and story as we wait for her ultimate return to the wrestling world.



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