4Life: Hogan, Hall & Nash Bringing Back nWo – But Where?

Photo: WWE

Two weeks ago, Hulk Hogan began to get a little nostalgic about the nWo on his Twitter feed. They were little things, here and there, but it was overshadowed by the announcement from the WWE a week earlier that he had been re-instated into the WWE Hall of Fame and some of the outcries by African-American workers in the following days.

On July 27, he posted another nWo flashback, this time showing the original trio of himself, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the night that the nWo was formed when Hogan turned heel. It immediately got a response from one of the other members, Scott Hall.

It wasn’t until a week later, that the playful bantering materialized into something more. Wrestling Inc. reported (with photographs) of the original nWo triumvirate in full nWo gear, filming something inside Hogan’s Beach shop in Florida. They were followed by a camera crew, although it was unconfirmed if it was the WWE or something else. Interestingly, back on May 30, 2018, the WWE filed for new trademarks for the nWo – while they already owned trademarks for them, these new ones seem more for wrestling and merchandising specifically.

This past Saturday, Hulk Hogan was a guest at the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) in Cleveland to check out his website about a special announcement concerning October 27, 2018.

Upon going to his website, it had been revamped and changed to black, with a countdown clock that said simply the following:

Photo: HulkHogan.com

Early Sunday morning, Hogan took to his Twitter to make an announcement about October 27 once again, this time saying it will be the “biggest day ever, history will be made again in the world of wrestling.”

This once again got a response from Scott Hall, who even dragged Kevin Nash into it this time. When a fan asked Hall of he was “getting the band back together” (as in the nWo), he replied with a “Yup.”

Looking at the WWE’s Live Events schedule, October 27, 2018 has nothing booked. Which is unusual, as WWE usually has Live Events on Saturday. The night after is the night the WWE will be Nassau, Long Island for WWE Evolution, their all-women’s PPV. Could the WWE be planning a Network special the night before? If they were intent on bringing back Hulk Hogan to WWE programming, appearing in New York City, where he became one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling, would make sense. A Network special – opposed to an actual PPV – would liken the chances of it being at Madison Square Gardens. The WWE doesn’t have a dual-brand PPV in October yet, unless WWE Evolution is planning on being the sole PPV, although on October 6, they’ll be airing the Network special WWE Super Showdown from Australia.

Photo: WWE

Interestingly enough, both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were in Orlando last week, working as guest coaches at the WWE Performance Center. While it’s unlikely the three would return to the WWE in wrestling roles, the trio could act as mentors and build a new nWo of young talent.



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