Big Cass’ First Post WWE Booking Announced…As Big Cazz.

Photo: WWE

No, that is not a joke. This is not some TNA style joke where people always make fun of former WWE stars showing up in TNA under slightly tweaked names (which are getting old by the way). But the former WWE Superstar William Morrissey – better known in the WWE as Big Cass – has revealed his first indie booking since his release on June 19 of this year. With his no-compete clause expiring on September 18, it was announced today that his first booking is with South Carolina’s Big Time Wrestling, where he’s competing as…Big Cazz. That’s right. Big. Cazz.

Photo: Big Time Wrestling

No word on who his opponent will be for the September 21 event in Spartansburg, South Carolina, but he’s sharing the card with Mick Foley, Tenille Dashwood (oddly billed still as Emma), former WWE tag team, Faces of Fear (Haku & The Barbarian), Tommy Dreamer, James Ellsworth, and former WWE Hall of Famer, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Hopefully it’s a case of the promoter coming up with that one off (seeing as how they billed Tenille Dashwood as Emma), and this isn’t the name he’s chosen to go forward as.

Photo: WWE

Big Time Wrestling has a long standing tradition, as the company, formed in 2006, carries on the original legacy of original Big Time Wrestling in South Carolina, started in 1961 by Tony Santos (but closed down in 1975). Big Cass’ last match was on June 17 in a defeat to Daniel Bryan at Money In The Bank.


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