Cody Rhodes’ Feel Good Moment of the Summer

Photo: ROH

On Sunday night, Cody Rhodes pulled the ultimate good guy move and show of gratitude to a wrestling fan, when Twitter user Josh O’Neill stated he could no longer financially afford to attend Rhodes’ event ALL IN (co-produced with the Young Bucks) but wished Cody and the Bucks luck.

Cody Rhodes’ Feel Good Moment of the Summer

O’Neill asked for nothing in return but that the three put on “(one) hell of a show”, glad that his ticket purchase helped to add to the overall event. But no one expected Cody’s response.

In a Tweet that has since removed, O’Neill stated the rough amount for his combo hotel/air line and his PayPal address (which is why he probably removed it). But many fans wondered if Cody was trolling the fan or being genuine. Cody was very genuine.

Just another feel-good moment from Cody Rhodes.


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