News on New Faces at the NXT UK Tapings

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While World Of Sport and it’s action-packed debut show grabbed most of the headlines, NXT UK was also taping for its first show’s.  The brand continues to grow its roster with each passing show as we saw four new stars step between the ropes over the course of the two-day taping, as well as appearances from two other WWE Superstars (one from NXT and one from 205 Live).

New Faces at the NXT UK Tapings

Sid Scala

Photo: Robyn Goding / Beyond Gorilla Photography

The first new face of the weekend was Sid Scala.  If there is one thing to be said about Scala it is this, he has an extremely punchable face.  While he can usually be found wearing a suit, he seems to have ditched that for his NXT UK appearances.  Scala is a guy that loses the majority of his matches, meaning he can slot in perfectly to the undercard of NXT UK.

Eddie Dennis

Photo: Jim Maitland / Turning Face Photography

Dennis was unable to appear in ring at the last tapings but did join the roster on stage after the show.  On night 2 of the current tapings, Dennis made his in ring debut for NXT UK.  Ever since his heel turn at last years PROGRESS Chapter 55: Chasing The Sun, he has been a hot commodity, sidetracked by injuries, but still the name on fans lips.  Currently on a collision course with former friend Mark Andrews in PROGRESS, as well as the leader of NTP in ATTACK!, he has all the tools necessary to make a big impression in NXT UK.

Damian Dunne

Photo: Oli Sandler / Ringside Perspective

The tag team specialist with the very recognisable second name.  Damian Dunne is currently known on the UK scene as Chief Deputy Dunne of the Anti Fun Police, which has seen him become a regular in promotions like ATTACK!, Riptide and Kamikaze Pro. He is also a regular treat in PROGRESS, Rev Pro, Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling and pretty much everywhere in the UK.  Dunne is a master of all trades, good heel, good face, good mic work and solid in singles and tags.  He is an asset to NXT UK and has the interesting potential to rekindle a tag team with his “brother” Peter.

Millie McKenzie

Photo: Robyn Goding / Beyond Gorilla Photography

Remember people thought Tyler Bate was young?  Well, Millie here was born in this millennium.  The suplexing female superstar has been making a splash on the UK scene in 2018, going as far as to almost claim the Fight Club: Pro championship earlier this year.  The former Pro Wrestling Revolver tag champion (titles she held with Pete Dunne) is one of the brightest prospects in the UK – she’s also the former Defiant Wrestling Women’s Champion.  At just 18, she wrestles everywhere against the best, both men and women, and always manages to get a reaction from the crowd.  If Mckenzie continues on her current trajectory, she will be a big star for WWE as she is exactly the kind of badass female wrestler that people enjoy.

Noam Dar

Photo: WWE

“The Scottish Supernova” made his return to the WWE from a lengthy injury at the WWE United Kingdom Championship event at Royal Albert Hall last month, becoming the #1 contender to Pete Dunne’s WWE UK Championship. Dar was one of the UK scene’s top stars prior to signing with the WWE following 2016’s Cruiserweight Classic, where he made his WWE debut. A long time staple of his native country’s Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), he was also a regular for PROGRESS, RevPro, Preston City Wrestling (PCW) and more, where he was a 2x ICW Zero-G Champion and PCW Heavyweight Champion.

Dakota Kai

Photo: WWE

One thing that was announced for NXT UK was the beginning of a tournament to crown the first ever NXT UK Women’s Championship, and the one of the first names to throw her hat in the ring was NXT Superstar Dakota Kai. While New Zealand and Australian wrestlers have found great success on the UK indie circuit in the past several years (such as Toni Storm and Travis Banks), surprisingly, Dakota Kai only made her UK debut last year as a member of the WWE. Previously, as Evie, she primarily plied her trade in the US with SHIMMER and in Japan with Stardom and Sendai Girls. Having a recongisable NXT star in the mix will surely help draw some of the more casual fans to the UK product.


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