Roman Reigns vs Toma Tonga…On Twitter

Photo: NJPW

It’s a majestic thing to see when social media is used as a platform for wrestlers to unwind a little bit, and even more of a joy when they’re heckling fans or even each other. Followers of both WWE and NJPW that have embedded twitter as part of their daily lives are likely familiar with the tweets that have come from the likes of Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and Baron Corbin, to name a few. This time we get an exchange from an unlikely pair. Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga have had a little swap on Twitter recently in what may be considered a surprising heckling of each other. It started with Tama Tonga posting a promo on his twitter calling out “internet nerds” after his G1 match.

The promo lead to bickering online with fans, that got Tonga’s twitter account locked temporarily. When he was unlocked, he went on a rampage looking for the “Snitch” that got him in Twitter jail.

The heat between the two has certainly sparked fans, with numbers split between favoring either Reigns or Tonga. It has taken the wrestling side of Twitter by a bit of a swing, as Tonga was quick to point out what he sees as flaws from how the Big Dog is viewed and treated, all while Reigns held no shame in reminding Tonga how he suddenly put his name on the map by tweeting about him to begin with.

Roman has yet to reply to Tonga’s last tweet as of this writing, though the former WWE Champion isn’t known for backing down and has a history of putting people in their place when they try to ridicule him on social media.

It’s definitely something to look forward to seeing how it concludes in the coming days.


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