VIDEO: Matt Hardy Preparing To Release “The Monster of the Lake”

Matt Hardy
Photo: Impact Wrestling

“Woken” Matt Hardy released a video earlier today where he discusses the need for a balance between the light and the dark of The Deleters of Worlds, his tag team with Bray Wyatt, who just lost their Raw Tag Team titles to the B-Team at Extreme Rules. Hardy admits that perhaps there has been too much light “overwhelms the darkness”. He finished by saying perhaps it was time to unleash the power of “the monster that exists within the Lake of Reincarnation”.

Matt Hardy Preparing To Release “The Monster of the Lake”

This could be the lead up to another Final Deletion style event that Matt Hardy teased on Twitter back in June, a follow-up to the Ultimate Deletion from mid-May.

Whether the next phase of the “Woken Warriors” will lead to going back after the Raw Tag Team titles from the B-Team or move on to a new phase of the Woken/Broken Universe is anyone’s guess.


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