“Walk With Elias”, A Mockumentary, Arriving July 30 (VIDEO)

Photo: WWE

On Friday, WWE’s YouTube channel dropped a video with the full concert of Elias from WrestleMania weekend when he arrived at a bar on Bourbon Street and performed a new song from his upcoming album, Walk With Elias. The video is the full performance of the song, but the exciting part is what comes at about the 12 minute mark of the video – a trailer for a documentary on the recording of his album, also called ‘Walk With Elias‘. You can check it out below:

Since transforming in NXT from a cookie cutter brawler named Elias Sampson to the musical troubadour now known simply as Elias, Elias has come a long way. His character was rejected soundly by the fans at Full Sail University, with many critics decrying the doom and impending release of the talented wrestler. But luckily Elias had one fan and it just happened to be “The Game” himself, NXT head honcho Triple H. “Triple H has told me specifically from the very first time when he saw me, he said that it would be a better main roster character than NXT,” he told Edge & Christian on their podcast several months ago.¬†“It never really clicked with the NXT audience the way it has. The way I see it, I took my live event act in NXT and brought it to the main roster.”

Triple H himself confirmed those thoughts last December, in an interview with CBS Sports. “The entire time [Elias] was there, I was trying to get him ready for Raw and SmackDown because I knew as a performer his value was there,” he told them. “I said to Dusty [Rhodes], ‘He is made for the roster and not for NXT.’ The gimmick, the way he is and his demeanor, he is suited for that. He is not a fit for NXT. It doesn’t mean he won’t be successful there and it doesn’t mean he won’t have a run there but that run was to get ready for the roster.”

Look out Spinal Tap. There’s a new savior for rock and roll. And his name is Elias.

Walk With Elias premiers on the WWE Network on July 30, a week after his album is released this Monday.


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