Dr. Wagner Jr. Supposedly Done With AAA: Open to Return to CMLL

Photo: AAA

One of the most decorated wrestlers in Mexico, Dr. Wagner Jr. or Rey Wagner as he was known in AAA Worldwide, is reported to be done. Medio Tiempo reports that Wagner’s contract with AAA has expired and that he will no longer work with the promotion. Wagner in a interview confirmed that he had finished his dates with AAA and that he was open to return to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

In an interview with +Lucha, Wagner notes, “I had a good season with AAA, but it’s over, I’m leaving as an independent.” He later added about the possibility of returning to CMLL,  “I’m open to everyone, if AAA or CMLL talk to me I can do it.”

Shifting times in AAA

Wagner’s exit comes at a time that AAA is having some notables changes. Konnan is back as their head of creative and major stars like Pentagon Jr., Juventud Guerrera, Rey Mysterio Jr.Jeff Jarret, Rey Fenix have taken over as the top stars of the company. Wagner was in a bitter feud with his son Hijo de Wagner and recently Blue Demon Jr. had intervened in the feud to support the son of the legend.

Wagner’s time in AAA is notable for his loss of his immortal mask in TripleMania XXV and later beating Johnny Mundo to capture his 3rd AAA Mega Championship. He recently lost his title to Jeff Jarrett in a scene that saw Konnan returned and the MAD group taking center stage.

CMLL once again?

Wagner and CMLL have a long hot-&-cold relationship. Wagner first arrived in Mexico’s top promotion as part of an agreement with Universal Wrestling Association and CMLL to bring top stars from UWA like El Canek and Wagner Jr. to wrestle in the company.

In CMLL, Wagner won the UWA Heavyweight Championship, CMLL Light Heavyweight Championship, the CMLL World Tag Team Championship and the CMLL Trios Championship. He toured regularly in New Japan Pro Wrestling and other promotions Japan, even winning the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships.

In 2009, Wagner was fired by CMLL after his brawl with LA Park in the Anniversary show. The company noted that Wagner broke their rules of no-blood and the use of weapons. Wagner would return in 2015 briefly, but was fired because his lack of interest in working CMLL’s Anniversary show. It was later reported that Wagner was honoring his friend LA Park, who was fired before for insulting the crowds in Mexico.

It’s Uncertain How True His Departure Is 

Dr. Wagner Jr. for now, will be wrestling in MDA on 7/29. That same day, there’s a AAA taping in Ecatepec. Wagner’s name is on that AAA show, but, as the company has shown in the past, they tend to completely change the card the day of the show.

Lucha Blog, which is one of the best news source for wrestling, says that we cannot take Wagner’s for his word and it could be that he is staying with AAA Worldwide. Also, Wagner is on the big AAA/ELITE show in 7/21 where he is teaming with Hijo del Fantasma & Psycho Clown against Electroshock, LA Park and a mystery opponent.

Dr. Wagner Jr. could join Mesias as the next top wrestlers from AAA to join CMLL. Both wrestlers haven’t been confirmed to return to the company.



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