Social Media is a Wrestler’s Own Worst Enemy

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Sex scandals, misconducts, and general exposure of privacy within the world of professional wrestling aren’t anything new. For as far back as history allows us, there has been multiple ordeals in regards to who has done who or who has done what, and eventually we get either denials from those involved, and/or the eventual confessions as to why.

From the well-known Shawn Michaels and Sunny situation to the lesser known allegations against the Brooklyn Brawler from former body builder Nicole Bass, every situation regarding the more indecent side of the wrestling world has a story pinned to it. Sometimes it’s mutual, other times it’s not. Either way, they face the high risk of being exposed to the world and quite possibly humiliated to a point where their careers may be in jeopardy.

Social Media and Pro Wrestling

You would think that in today’s world of social media and how easily we leave virtual tracks behind, some wrestlers would be a little more careful in what platform they use to interact with those they find within their interest, or how they manage personal issues that may cause an uproar should the issue ever find itself in a format available for people to see over the internet.

Personally, I think whoever a wrestler is interested in is their own business; be it a fellow wrestler or even a fan, what they do on their personal time is something none of us should judge them for. They’re people, just like you and me. The only difference from us is that they shine a bigger – and more public – image than we do, and they should handle that responsibility with care.

I’ve always pictured how I would handle myself if I was ever a professional wrestler that’s well-known across the globe. Would a huge ego be my downfall? Or would I stay humble and count my blessings one day at a time? There’s more to it than just getting into a ring for ten to twenty minutes every night and earning a paycheck. The idea of it is all around thrilling, but at the same time it’s quite a scary thing to think about. I can tell myself a million times that I would never do something stupid enough to destroy my dream, but that decision ultimately falls in the heat of the moment that requires logical thinking before taking action.

Seth Rollins

Take Seth Rollins, for example. Back in 2015, Rollins found himself in a difficult predicament when his former fiancé posted provocative pictures of him online after she found out he was cheating on her with Zahra Schrieber, and even found itself posted on WWE’s official website as a result from automatic streaming of wrestler’s social media posts; a website that averages around 11 million visitors per month. An example that even when you think what you do is “private”, technology always holds a risk of exposure.

Imagine how many of those visitors of all age groups ended up getting a full view of Rollins’ tubesteak?

Needless to say, this didn’t go too well for Rollins, who was allegedly fined an undisclosed amount of money and was forced to apologize for the ordeal. Rollins, however, walked away unscathed. His position within the company remained intact due to his status as a top player, so it came to no surprise, even though there have been a few more exposures of Rollins’ bad habit of contacting would-be suitors on social media for his own personal gains. It makes him a bit of a hard head when you think about it. Nevertheless, the protection given to Rollins’ doesn’t automatically apply to others.

Enzo Amore

Earlier this year, Enzo Amore was accused of sexual assault. That immediately resulted in the termination of his contract, and while Amore was found innocent with the case eventually dropped, his career took a major plunge. Amore, while Cruiserweight champion at the time of the accusation, wasn’t held in the same regards as Rollins, and it didn’t help that he wasn’t well liked backstage due to his antics and attitude, finding himself unemployed only a day after the news broke out of the situation. He’s now struggling to get back on the same pedestal he was before this whole thing took place.

The latest now involves current ROH champion, Jay Lethal. Lethal faces allegations from Taeler Hendrix. Hendrix took to twitter to accuse Lethal of being the reason for her television time being taken away after she refused his advances. The whole matter is currently being investigated by Ring of Honor, stating that proper actions will be taken once their investigation is complete. Time is the only factor in this mess, and whoever gets the last word remains to be seen.

In today’s world, a public figure needs to be careful with what they say and do. They must consider the consequences of their actions, even if there were no ill intentions. Believing that their place in such positions will let them get away with pretty much anything they want to do is supercilious and extremely risky in these modern times.

There is an uprise with the #MeToo movement that’s exposing all who thought they would never be made public for their indulgences, and fame alone can no longer hide just how critical these choices can be.


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