Flip Gordon to Challenge Nick Aldis for NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship and Spot at ALL IN

After failing in his previous attempts, could the third time be the charm for Flip Gordon?

Flip Gordon vs Nick Aldis
Credit: Ten Pounds of Gold; NWA; Ring of Honor

Here we go again. Following his recent loss, alongside Brandi Rhodes, to the team of Madison Rayne and MJF, it seemed Flip Gordon‘s chances of getting booked for All In had gone from slim to none. However, one more opportunity has presented itself as it was revealed on the most recent episode of Ten Pounds of Gold, that Gordon would be facing NWA Worlds Champion, Nick Aldis, for both the title and Aldis’ spot at All In, during the upcoming Honor for All show in Nashville on July 20.

“I should have seen this coming…Looks like Billy (Corgan) and Ring of Honor played Cody and I for fools,” Aldis said as he opened the envelope which had been presented to him via Corgan’s righthand man. “I’m defending the NWA Worlds Wrestling Heavyweight Championship [takes deep breath] against Flip Gordon.”


If the wrestling Twitterverse had their own Slammys of sorts and there was a category for “Hashtag of the Year,” no doubt Flip Gordon’s #BookFlip campaign would be one of the top contenders. Since All In was first announced and with it, the subsequent announcements of Cody, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), Marty Scurll and Hangman Page aka the entire case of Being the Elite with the exception of one being named for the card, Gordon has been trying to get booked.

But, as has been established throughout BTE, Cody can’t stand Flip Gordon and seriously hates his guts. According to All In’s official Twitter, @ALL_IN_2018, in order to get booked you need a unanimous vote and while Gordon has the approval of his buddies, Matt and Nick Jackson, he has yet to get Cody on board. To that extent, Gordon launched his #BookFlip hashtag and it has been immensely popular as fans have gotten behind his cause. It’s even branded on t-shirts that you can purchase at ProWrestling Tees.

Gordon had his first opportunity to get booked when he faced Cody at ROH’s Manhattan Mayhem. The fans were able to vote on the stipulation from three choices and the one they chose was that if Gordon won, he’d be booked for All In. Unfortunately, the rising star fell short and continued to try to get booked for All In through other means. After his pleas continued to fall on deaf ears, Gordon got another match opportunity that was sanctioned by Cody. Alongside a partner of his choosing, Gordon would face the randomly drawn team of MJF and Madison Rayne at a WrestlePro show last month. Gordon chose his best friend, Brandi Rhodes, but the two failed to capture the win as Rhodes got the team disqualified by low-blowing MJF before he could hit both Rayne and Gordon with a steel chair. Consequently, had she allowed that to happen it would have been MJF and Rayne who got disqualified and Gordon who would have gotten his spot at All In.

From Golden Opportunity to Championship Opportunity

With his time running out and his options running thin, Gordon responded to a tweet prior to the release of the Ten Pounds of Gold episode. The tweet essentially asserted exactly what ended up being announced, that Gordon’s seemingly only remaining option is to face and defeat Aldis at Honor for All.

The grand irony of it all is that Aldis himself is not actually booked for All In, at least not according to Corgan’s statements from the press conference held in May. Rather, it is the gold he holds around his waist, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, which has the billing, no matter which man may hold it. For Aldis, who has been calling himself the dealer and noting he still holds all of the cards regarding his anticipated title match with Cody, that means, no belt, no spot at All In. If Gordon, or anyone else for that matter were to beat him for the title, they would be the champion and they would be the one who Cody would face on September 1.

If that man were to be Flip Gordon, the same Flip Gordon that Cody refused to book, that would be quite the story.

Aldis has done a phenomenal job as the NWA’s champion and for him to lose the title would be unfortunate. However, if it means getting Gordon not only booked for All In, but booked for the championship match with Cody, it would be more than worth it. Of course, with the nature of the wrestling business, Gordon’s last chance opportunity might not be so last chance after all. Even if he loses to Aldis, while the road becomes a lot less clear, there is still just under two months for Gordon to find his way on the card. And given the momentum he currently has as well as the support nationwide, the coming full circle of him being booked has to happen one way or the other.

Gordon will most likely be All In. Winning the NWA title is just the most direct way he has to get there. At least for now…


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