BREAKING: Nikki Cross Debuts on Main Roster at Smackdown Live Houseshow

Photo: Becky Lynch IG

When NXT’s SaniTY made their Smackdown Live debut via vignettes a few months back, most fans were shocked to see that they only showed the three men of the group, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and the leader, Eric Young. Nikki Cross, arguably the most popular member of the faction, was noticeably absent. The maniacal Scot had won over the NXT fans in much the same way Rosemary won over the Impact Zone while working with Decay – a violent and crazed lunatic that had balls bigger than grapefruits. The last we saw of Nikki Cross in her loss to Shayna Baszler, when she was choked out in the NXT Women’s match (smiling all the way out) at NXT Takeover: Chicago II. Her last match was on June 23 at an NXT Live Event in Largo, Florida.

Photo: WWE Network

Tonight she made an appearance at the Smackdown Live Event in Augusta, Maine, when she came out as Becky Lynch‘s tag team partner against The Iiconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay).

Strangely, SaniTY was held off on actually debuting on WWE television until the Tuesday following NXT Takeover: Chicago II, leading many to suspect that the move was delayed in order to reunite Cross with her stablemates on the blue brand. While the trio has looked strong the past few episodes, they’re also losing – having Nikki come back out of the crowd to help them win one would be a great way to introduce the fourth member to the WWE Universe.

Photo: WWE

A lot of times though, things that debut at Live Events are practice runs for upcoming angles, so there’s always a chance that Nikki Cross debuts on her own and joins Lynch in her feud against the Australian duo. Becky Lynch has been pushing for WWE Women’s Tag Team titles behind the scenes and there were reports back in the spring that WWE had ordered designs for them. With a huge show coming up in Australia, having the Iiconics either walk in as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions (or win the belts there), would be a huge move.

Photo: Becky Lynch IG

Becky posted some photos on her Instagram story with Cross, teasing a new “Celtic Connection” between the Lasskicker and the Angry Scot.

Photo: Becky Lynch IG


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