Jay Lethal Breaks Silence On Allegations, Taeler Hendrix Responds

Photo: ROH

Four days ago, former Ring of Honor talent Taeler Hendrix announced on Twitter than refusing to sleep with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal during her tenure with the company a few years ago led to her time with ROH to be “sabotage”. The following day, a second accuser came forward, albeit anonymously. On Friday, ROH finally addressed the issue, as it was becoming a viral news story on Social Media. Today, the accused, 2x and current ROH World Champion Jay Lethal finally spoke, via his Twitter.

Following Lethal’s statement, Taeler Hendrix responded with a screenshot which apparently shows the text from Lethal where he asked to “talk” to her, seemingly about the incident that occurred after (presumably the talk about why her career was being “sabotaged”).

Ring of Honor is currently conducting an investigation into the matter. The news came the same week that another past accused wrestler, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, was proven correct when he stated that he was not aware of any criminal investigation and that he was innocent of the charges. The Phoenix Police report of the incident corroborated Enzo’s story that he only found out of the investigation when news broke on Social Media, and stated that the victim had no male DNA on her body when she was checked following her rape allegation the days after the incident in question.


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