EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Second Accuser Comes Forth In Regards to Jay Lethal

Photo: ROH

Yesterday the wrestling world was shocked when former Ring of Honor wrestler Taeler Hendrix announced on Twitter that current ROH World Champion Jay Lethal had “sabotaged” her career in ROH after refusing to sleep with him, that divided wrestling fans on whether Hendrix was telling the truth or not. But the story took another turn today when wrestling podcast Generating Heat released a video that features screen texts from another female wrestler who has claimed similar allegations against Jay Lethal.

After seeing this video, we spoke to Jay G, host of Generating Heat, who confirmed that the second accuser’s story is legit. “This is a young girl that has a very close tie to Jay. Thats why I reached out to her and definitely wasn’t expecting the answer i got,” Jay G told us (despite using the word “young”, Jay impressed that the wrestler was NOT underage). “She just wants people to know that Taeler is not as awful as fans are making her out to be. She also told me there are others, but i can’t confirm any others.” Jay also offered another part of his text conversation with the woman, who he stated was a “pretty well known wrestler around the Florida promotions and is on TV.”

Photo: Jay G

Jay G also went on to say that Taeler Hendrix will be appearing on his podcast later this month to tell the full story and “it’s shocking”.


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