Cruise of Jericho: Sami Callihan Calls Out Chris Jericho, Ring of Honor and Bullet Club

sami callihan
Credit: Impact Wrestling

It looks like the Impact Wrestling story line/involvement for Chris Jericho’s Rock’N’Wrestling Rager is officially beginning to take shape as Sami Callihan has called out Ring of Honor, Bullet Club and Jericho himself, making it known that no matter what it takes, he will be on the ship that sets sail for the Bahamas this October.

This is not the first time that Sami Callihan, who recently began calling himself “The DRAW,” has called out Jericho regarding the upcoming cruise. In fact, it was Callihan who got the ball rolling regarding Impact and the cruise with his first video in which he expressed his frustration and anger at being disrespected around the industry.

Callihan name dropped All In before mentioning the Cruise of Jericho, asking if the Ring of Honor locker room was “scared of making money with the Draw?” and asserting that “the only bigger bitches than Impact management are Ring of Honor and Chris Jericho.” Callihan, who finished by saying he does “what he wants, when he wants,” threatened to show up on the cruise with his baseball bat, whether he was invited or not.

That was about a month ago and since then, Jericho and Impact Wrestling have announced that the promotion will indeed be on board, joining Ring of Honor. In the announcement, Impact management was credited for making it happen. Sami Callihan of course, did not take kindly to that and once again citing disrespect, released another video on Twitter where he made his intentions perfectly clear.

No one on the ring of honor roster is safe. i don’t care if its shuffleboard, the casino, one of the concerts, i ain’t gonna stop until i punk out each and every one of you ring of honor clowns.

Sami Callihan, who managed to turn an unfortunate and accidental swing of a baseball bat into one of the most-talked about and most controversial gimmicks in professional wrestling, has been on fire lately. Ever since the incident with Eddie Edwards, Callihan has taken on an attitude of showing no remorse while reminding people who claim to hate his guts, that they still pay to see him perform. Hence the adoption of “The DRAW” moniker.

While there has been no official announcement regarding Callihan’s presence on the boat, it seems likely that he will be Impact’s first name joining the cruise. Or maybe Callihan won’t be announced. Either way, there is no doubt he will show up to wreck havoc and attack everyone and anyone in his path, be it at shuffleboard, in the casino, at one of the concerts or better yet, in the middle of the Sea of Honor tournament.

Sami Callihan made special note to call out Bullet Club in the tweet that accompanied his video, suggesting that the group along with the ROH locker room, didn’t “have the balls” to respond to his challenge. And while no one on board has accepted said challenge, Callihan did get something that he wanted from Impact however, as the company retweeted his message as requested. They weren’t the only ones either.

Things have officially gotten interesting.


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